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Message from the Chancellor's Office

The Chancellor's Office recognizes the efforts by the undocumented community to fight for safer educational institutions and the advocacy towards more equitable CSU campuses. Former Chancellor Timothy White issued an official memorandum in July 2016 expressing a sincere and supportive wish to protect the Undocumented community in the Cal State System.

The Chancellor’s Memorandum is essential information to push forward a sense of trust between the CSU campuses and the undocumented community to ensure safety for all students. It also ensures the undocumented community that the CSU schools will not enter into any agreement with federal, state, or local immigration law enforcement agencies.  

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Undocu-Success Center


Undocu-Student Success Center Affirms Support for Undocumented Community

We understand and value the experiences undocumented students bring to the California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) community, and we are committed to helping them reach their goals and aspirations regardless of their immigration status. 

Our Undocu-Student Success Center at CSUMB is a welcoming and supportive space for students of all ethnicities and nationalities, dedicated to holistically serving our undocumented students and intentionally addressing complex issues they face. 

We offer supportive resources and guidance to help empower undocumented students, members of mixed-status families, allies, campus faculty, and staff, Direct immigration legal services are available free of charge. We provide admission, financial aid, and personal counseling support through various workshops and events. We strive to create awareness in our campus community about the needs of undocumented students and their families through UndocuAlly trainings. 

Our students are a great example of incredible academic resilience, determination, and remarkable perseverance. Si se puede!