Service Learning Institute

Steps to Service Learning



  • You cannot begin your service until you have registered with your Opportunity on CalState S4/MySLP!

  • Please be sure you have cleared the opportunity with your service learning professor and received the "green light" from your site, following the instructions in Step 2: CONNECT BEFORE you REGISTER your placement.

How to Register with your Opportunity on CalState S4/MySLP

Log into CalState S4/ MySLP

ATTENTION: You MUST BEGIN in the correct spot in order to successfully enter the "placement registration" pathway.

This is a screenshot of the landing page on Calstate S4/MySLP. At the bottom of the screen there is a course with a green

You will need the following info to complete the registration process:

  • Site supervisor’s name and email address
    • It must be correct in order for your supervisor to receive the link to sign your forms. Double-check this info when you register.
  • Learning Objectives
    • What does your course aim for you to learn during this placement?  What do you hope to learn?
  • Service Activities
    • What will you be doing with/for this organization?  Be specific.
  • Schedule
    • When & where will you be doing your hours?  An estimate is OK.
  • Estimated # of hours
    • Typically, 25 hours for lower division and 30 hours for upper division courses.

Don't forget to click the "Finish Placement" button after signing the Learning Agreement and Release of Liability forms!

It will be green when it's ready to be clicked. If you do not click the "Finish Placement" button, your course professor and site supervisor will encounter errors when they try to sign the forms.

This is a screenshot of the

Do NOT complete the "Student Portion: Evaluation..." form until you have completed your hours or the semester end is nearing.