Service Learning Institute

Establishing Community Partnership

Service learners complete 25-30 hours of community-based service with a single organization over the course of a semester (about 10 weeks). Service Learners are required to be supervised by a service site staff member during their service hours. If you have questions about this commitment, please reach out to the SLI’s Coordinator of Community Partnerships, Tritia Moneypenny at before completing the forms below. 

  1. Complete the online Request to Initiate Partnership form. Once you submit this form, your organization will be added to our campus-wide community partnership database, MySLP/S4. You will be asked to sign forms, approve hours, and evaluate each student at the end of the semester using the forms sent from this database.
    1. As part of this process, you will be asked to complete an Opportunity Form which will indicate one unique service opportunity at your site. If you have multiple unique kinds of opportunities, you can fill out additional opportunity forms using the Create New Opportunity form.
  2. Complete the University Agency Agreement for the Placement of Students (UAAPS) form. Once your RTIP has been processed, the Service Learning Institute will reach out with a fillable PDF UAAPS form. The UAAPS is a formal contract that makes your organization an official community partner with the University for five years. The UAPPS is mandatory for any organization hosting students in any capacity.
  3. View the information on the Community Partner current semester information tab and the Community Partner Guide for general information and guidance on the Service Learning process. Keep your eyes out for emails about meet-and-greet and recruitment opportunities, informational meetings, and other important correspondence from SLI Staff and Faculty!

If you have any questions or would like to talk about your opportunities, please reach out to the SLI’s Coordinator of Community Partnerships, Tritia Moneypenny (