Service Learning Institute

Establishing Community Partnership

Service learners complete 25-30 hours of community-based service with a single organization over the course of a semester (about ten weeks, shorter in Winter & Summer terms). Service Learners are required to be supervised by a learning site staff member during their service hours. If you have questions about this commitment, please reach out to the Coordinator of Community Partnerships, Tritia Moneypenny (; 831-582-5175), before completing the forms below.

To find out if your organization already has a University-Agency Agreement with CSUMB, contact our Coordinator of Community Partnerships.

1. Complete the online Request to Initiate Partnership form.

This form will initiate the process for us to learn more about your organization and the learning opportunities that you’d like to make available to students. Ideally, a representative of the organization who is familiar with the learning activities that university students will be engaged in, as well as your safety policies and procedures, completes this form.

It may take 20 minutes to complete this form, and it does not currently allow the saving of progress.  Use this Worksheet for Request to Initiate Partnership form, Service Learning or this Google Doc worksheet to preview the questions and pre-write your responses before starting the online form.  Questions include:

  • Organization/Agency details, including mission, audience/population served, focus areas, contact information
  • Site requirements and safety and risk information
  • Opportunity type and details, including associated CSUMB Program (CHHS, Service Learning, etc.), maximum number of students for this opportunity, number of hours, safety and risk information, application instructions, student expectations, etc.

As part of this process, you will be asked to complete an Opportunity Form which will indicate one unique service opportunity at your site. If you have multiple unique kinds of opportunities, you can fill out additional opportunity forms using the Create New Opportunity form.

2. Complete a University-Agency Agreement.

University-Agency Agreement for the Placement of Students (UAAPS)

The UAAPS is a formal contract that makes your organization an official community partner with the University for five years. The UAPPS is mandatory for any organization hosting students in any capacity. This does not require organizations to host students every semester for the five-year duration and nor is this limited to only hosting service learning students.

3. Review information for hosting and supervising service learning students.

View the information on the Community Partner current semester information tab and the Community Partner Guide for general information and guidance on the Service Learning process. Keep your eyes out for emails about meet-and-greet and recruitment opportunities, informational meetings, and other important correspondence from Service Learning Institute Staff and Faculty!

After partners select student(s) to serve at your organization, site supervisors will be asked to sign student learning plans, approve hours, and evaluate students at the end of the semester using forms emailed from the CalState S4 partner database. More information about the details of these processes can be found on our CalState S4 Help for Partners page.


If you have any questions, concerns, technical glitches, or would like to talk about your opportunities, please reach out to the SLI’s Coordinator of Community Partnerships, Tritia Moneypenny.