Service Learning Institute

Service Learning Requirements


CSUMB is the only public university in California, and one of the few nationwide that has made service learning a graduation requirement for all undergraduate students.

CSUMB’s core values emphasize social justice, social responsibility and community-building. These values are built into the service learning courses you will take in both General Education and your major.

Students generally complete two components of the CSUMB Service Learning Requirement: Lower Division Civics/Service Learning; and Upper Division Service Learning:

  • If you enter CSUMB as a First-Year or Lower Division transfer student, you will take both components of the service learning requirement.
  • If you enter CSUMB as an upper-division transfer student, you will only take Upper Division Service Learning.
  • All service learning classes at CSUMB teach a common set of learning outcomes for lower and upper-division courses. Click here for Lower Division and Upper Division Service Learning Outcomes.
  • See our Service Learning Course Lists.

Current service learners

Please visit our Steps to Service Learning pages for detailed guidance.