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Spring 2021 Service Learning STUDENT Updates

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'"
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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REMINDER: Service Learning is REMOTE ONLY during Spring 2021!

End of the Semester Support:

Need help filling out your MySLP Evaluations? Watch this instructional video on how to correctly fill out your forms

How to: MySLP Evaluations Video - Link:

MySLP Website - Link:

Spring 2021 Drop-In Support Schedule - Every Tuesday@ Noon & Friday @3:00pm

Tuesday, Noon-1:00pm Drop In Support - Link:

Friday, 3:00pm-4:00pm Drop In Support - Link:

Steps to Service Learning

Step 3: Register your SL Site Placement on MySLP /S4

  • BEFORE starting your service, you are required to register your placement by completing the necessary forms stored in MySLP/S4. MySLP (My Service Learning Placement) contains information about over 500 community agencies and non-profit organizations located in and beyond the tri-county area (Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito County).
  • LOG IN TO YOUR CSUMB DASHBOARD before clicking the link to register via MySLP - this ensures you'll be connected directly to CSUMB's Community Partners! The MySLP/S4 database is shared by 23 CSU campuses.
  • Your SL Site Placement Registration is complete only AFTER you've (1) signed and submitted the online CSUMB Waiver of Liability, and (2) submitted your ONLINE Learning Agreement (or Short Term Agreement).
  • Find instructions HERE for:
  • Accessing MySLP, registering your service site, and creating a Time Log
  • Completing a Short Term Agreement if you are serving at home OR serving with a new partner (not in the MySLP database)

Step 4: Complete and submit the ONLINE (MySLP) Learning Agreement & set up your Time Log

  • Here's where your DRAFT Learning Agreement Worksheet comes in handy! If you have an accurate draft ready, you can simply cut/paste the information into the online form, and submit.
  • Once your ONLINE(MySLP) Learning Agreement is submitted, it will be sent directly to the identified community partner site supervisor AND your SL professor for their e-signatures

IMPORTANT: Once you submit the online Learning Agreement (Step 3), it CANNOT be edited! IF CORRECTIONS ARE NEEDED after you've submitted your Learning Agreement, you'll need to complete and submit a NEW document.


Due to the need for distance learning and remote service, ALL service learning forms are now online. Printable, PDF forms are available in case of emergency, however, during CSUMB's campus closure, all Service Learning forms should be completed online via MySLP/S4.

K-12 REMOTE SL Tutoring Program

The SLI has partnered with K-12 school districts throughout Monterey County for REMOTE service learning. Please note that the registration for K-12 classroom-based remote tutoring is now closed. If you registered by the deadline, your next step is to complete the 5-hour Pre-Service Training Course on Canvas by the end of Week 4, Sunday, February 21. You will also need to complete a Live Scan Background Check with the school district. This list of Spring 2021 School District Partners includes helpful contact information.

Our partners look forward to having you in their virtual classrooms and working remotely after class with their students. Check out this story from the Fall: Tutoring Across Distance.

Spring 2021 Remote Tutor Training:  Appreciative Tutoring

The CSUMB Cooperative Learning Center (CLC) is offering two workshops for Appreciative Remote Tutoring. We strongly recommend you participate if you will be tutoring in the K-12 Remote SL Program. Here is an article on Appreciative Tutoring to get you started.

K-12 Science Service Learning Resources

Request for Exception for Remote/Virtual Service Learning during COVID-19

Students are able to request an exception to the remote/virtual service policy IF they have a prior and ongoing employment or volunteer relationship with an organization. The process is described in this document: Request for Exception for Remote/Virtual SL Process. Students must assemble the following FOUR documents, and submit them to their instructor for circulation and signature. The Provost must approve the request.

Need help with MySLP Registration? Need to change your Service Learning placement?

Submit the linked MySLP Help & SITE PLACEMENT DELETION Request form and let us know what you need. You can request an appointment, or, depending on your request, we might be able to resolve it quickly and notify you via email.

Key Elements of a Service Learning Experience

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