Service Learning Institute

Steps to Service Learning


Once you have identified some organizations you would be interested in serving with (we recommend having at least three), you need to CONNECT with the appropriate contact person at that site. 

See the "Opportunity Application Instructions" at the bottom of each opportunity posting for details on contacting the site and applying for opportunities. Please follow the instructions provided.  Always identify yourself as a CSUMB service learner.

Don't know where to find those “Opportunity Application Instructions”? Refer to slides 8 and 9 of the How to Browse Opportunities in S4/MySLP resource.

What it looks like in CalState S4/MySLP:

A screenshot of CalState S4/MySLP. It shows bolded words

A screenshot of CalState S4/MySLP. It shows bolded words

What an email to partners should look like:

You can copy these examples when initiating communication with partners: Correspondence Examples with SL Partners.

BEFORE moving on to STEP 3: REGISTER; you must collect the following information:

  • Site Supervisor's name & email address.
    • This should be the person who will directly supervise you and sign off on your paperwork. This may or may not be the person with which you have been communicating. This CANNOT be a Service Learning Student Leader.
  • Learning Objectives.
    • What does your course aim for you to learn during this placement? What do you hope to learn?
  • Service Activities.
    • What will you be doing with/for this organization? Be specific.
  • Service Schedule.
    • When & where will you be doing your hours? An estimate is OK.

Collect this information in conversation with your site supervisor in person, virtually, or via email.

You can use the Learning Agreement Information Worksheet to collect this information.


K-12 Schools

Ensure you follow the clearance process guidelines in each district's document (linked from this spreadsheet.)


See resources on the Help page!