Service Learning Institute

Edwin Lopez

I am a Service learning student leader from Gilroy, CA, where I developed strong values of family and community. I am a fourth-year Global Studies major with a focus on Latin American geopolitics. I decided to become a Square because it aligns with my values and allows me to be more active in my community outside of campus life. It also allows me to develop my leadership skills further and build lasting relationships within our community. In my free time, I enjoy keeping up with world events, movies, and video games. 

Social Justice Interests/ Social Justice Concerns: I care deeply about labor rights, civil rights, and social inequality in general. I focus on the historical context of social justice to get to the root problems plaguing our communities and to see the bigger picture in global impacts to create a deeper understanding of social justice. 



Title: Californians for Pesticide Reform: Safe Ag, Safe Schools Service Learning Student Leader