Service Learning Institute

Service Learning Quick Facts

Service learning has a great impact on CSUMB students, helping them to become more socially responsible and engaged graduates and community members.

Although Spring 2020 service learning was suspended as a result of COVID-19, Fall 2019 student evaluations indicate that service learning helps students engage with issues meaningful and relevant to their lives, including cultural inclusiveness, social justice, career exploration, and professional development:

  • 95% of students feel that their attitude toward service has become more positive.
  • 90% of students feel that they made a meaningful contribution to the community.
  • 86% feel more motivated to listen to perspectives different from their own.
  • 86% feel that they gained knowledge and skills to work with others to promote social justice.
  • 86% feel that service learning provided opportunities to develop and practice knowledge and skills relevant to future career interests.

In spite of disruptions caused by the pandemic, 3,227 service learning students provided appropriately 53,206 hours of service in the Monterey Bay and Salinas Valley Region during Fall 2019.

The monetary value of their contribution is $1.6 million, based on the value attributed to this work by the Independent Sector Value of Community and Volunteer Service.

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