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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    • The ADN to BSN pathway is a dual-enrollment program. Students are enrolled in a community college’s Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN) program and enrolled at CSUMB. Students will take courses at CSUMB in the summers following the first and second year of their ADN program. This pathway allows students to earn their ADN and seamlessly transfer into CSUMB’s BSN program. Upon transferring in, students can complete this pathway in just two semesters.
    • The RN to BSN pathway is for students who currently have a Registered Nurse (RN) license and want to earn their BSN degree. They can complete this pathway in 12-15 months, depending on any GE courses that may need to still be completed.
  • The full-time program is 3 semesters. The part-time program is 5 semesters.

  • Courses are offered in fall, spring, and summer. All courses are hybrid and require some face-to-face instruction, typically 1 day a week.

  • Students are accepted in the Spring and Fall semesters. Visit the application page for more information.

  • Contact the Nursing Advisor for any questions regarding course equivalency. Additionally, articulation agreements can be searched for on Assist

  • Prerequisite courses do not expire.

  • Yes, the Nursing program accepts students who are seeking a second bachelor's degree. Second bachelor degree students would be excluded from all general education requirements, but would still need to complete all prerequisites for the major. When applying, fill out the graduate application instead of the undergraduate form.

  • Official transcripts are issued directly from the university or college that the student attended—students may need to pay a fee to obtain their official transcripts. Official transcripts can be requested in either electronic or paper format to be sent directly to CSUMB.

    Unofficial transcripts can usually be printed or downloaded from the university or college website the student attended or is currently attending.

  • "Golden four" courses (A1-Oral communication, A2-Written communication, A3-Critical thinking and B4-College-level math) must be completed by fall admission.

  • Students in the Nursing program must carry the following: university liability insurance, personal insurance, current RN license (if on the RN-to-BSN pathway), and valid California driver's license.

  • Yes, nursing students must have a cleared background check that is acceptable to clinical agencies after acceptance to the BSN program.

  • Candi Prado is the academic advisor for the CSUMB Nursing program and should be contacted with any questions.

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