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This page was updated on Sept. 13, 2021.

Do not come to work if you are sick or symptomatic. Seek medical attention if symptoms worsen.

An individual’s health information is confidential. For tips on how to stay healthy, visit the Campus Health Center webpage.

CSUMB COVID-19 Prevention Plan

  • Cleaning schedule and best practices

    Custodians will disinfect common spaces and objects that are occupied and touched daily (e.g., knobs, handles, switches, rails, buttons, etc.). Enhanced disinfection will occur overnight where needed and depending on use. Following positive cases, identified spaces will undergo enhanced disinfection prior to return of occupancy.

    Addressing allergies to disinfectants

    The campus is using EPA recommended materials. If someone has a reaction or known allergy, they need to advise their supervisor or program director immediately. We have not had any known cases of allergic reaction in occupied campus spaces. In classrooms where alcohol wipes are provided, gloves will also be available if needed to protect hands.

  • You can hold a meeting in your office or a conference room. Everyone must wear a mask indoors unless you are alone in an office or conference room with four walls and a closed door. You are required to mask while working together in a shared office at the same time. An appropriate administrator may approve alternate work schedules.

  • Course instructors who are ill or have a fever should focus on caring for themselves and avoid contact with others if they are contagious. They should contact their department chair for more information and follow standard procedures related to illness.

    If a student notifies an instructor that they have a confirmed case of COVID-19, instruct the student to notify CSUMB campus officials by completing the COVID-19 reporting form.

  • Anytime you are in a campus building, you must:

    • Wear a mask, except in single-occupancy private offices or conference rooms with the door closed
    • Follow all signs, markings, and posted occupancy restrictions for social distancing
    • Not shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact


  • You can work with your direct supervisor on the options that may be available to you. If you need an accommodation, work directly with University Personnel or Human Resources for Corporation employees.

  • All parking rules and regulations are in effect, including paid parking permit requirements.

    Employees who do not need a semester, academic, or annual parking permit may choose short-term parking in the metered lots. Short-term parking is now available with the Park Mobile App. Employees may purchase daily permits online at a discounted rate through Parking Services.

  • All employees have the right to request an N95 respirator in the workplace without fear of retaliation and at no cost. Employees may individually request an N95 respirator or face shield by submitting an online form.

  • This process describes the process for managers to follow in planning a safe return to campus for employees who will work in-person. Managers should read the full CSUMB COVID-19 Prevention Plan for complete guidance and updated information.


    • Complete the Workplace Specific Risk Assessment and route it for approval (per page three).
    • Submit a copy of the approved assessment document to EHSRM for record retention
    • Order hygiene supplies through the EOC/Logistics Resource Request form process
    • Confirm all returning staff/faculty have completed the CSUMB COVID-19 Awareness training curriculum through the SumTotal Learning Management System online
    • Assure all returning staff/faculty understand how to report a positive or suspected case of COVID-19 online
    • Provide site-specific guidance and instruction to returning staff/faculty, including location of hygiene supplies
    • Provide individual use disinfecting supplies in each work area, and assure supply replenishment
    • Conduct workplace specific checks for compliance with COVID-19 protocols including corrective actions and documentation
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 in a testing site off campus, fill out the C19 Positive Reporting Form. You will be supported by an Exposure Tracing Analyst.

    If you were in close contact with a positive case (within 6 ft, for more than 15 minutes), you are asked to submit a C19 Positive Reporting Form and an Exposure Tracing Analyst will contact you to determine if you are considered a close contact.

    Report a Positive Case

    Returning to work after recovery

    Employees may complete the Monterey County Health Department’s self-attestation form and use it to demonstrate they have ended their isolation or quarantine period after testing positive for COVID-19. When returning to work after the isolation or quarantine period, employees should not be asked for proof of a negative COVID-19 test before returning to work. If an employee is asked for proof of a negative COVID-19 test before being permitted to return to work, they should notify the University Personnel.

  • All facilities have been identified as compliant with the CSU guidelines for ventilation requirements. 

    If a faculty or staff member has a medical need for additional HEPA filtration, that process is managed and determined through University Personnel accommodations and the interactive process with Linda Schaedle and their manager. There are 50 portable HEPA air purifiers total. 

    Graphic: Ventilation System Improvements vertical flowchart

    Ventilation System Improvements PDF