Campus Health Center

Prevention & Resources

The Campus Health Center is dedicated to keeping the campus community aware of new and important health issues facing college students. These resources aim to keep the CSUMB campus up to date and involved in student health and wellness issues.

In-class presentations

Please call (831) 582-4437 for information about providing classroom, club, and/or group presentations. We are also available to assist students with health-related reports, presentations, or projects. In order for us to better meet your deadlines, allow us at least a 2-week notice so that, if materials are needed, we have time to order and receive them.

Health choices website

  • is a website that helps consumers take control of their health care and make the choices that are right for them. The website includes information on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act for Families and Children, Individuals, People with Disabilities, Seniors, Young Adults, and Employers.