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Research at CSUMB

Graduate Research Resources

Graduate school is a time to ask deeper research questions, apply more sophisticated analyses, and to finally reach the confidence and competency to be fully-independent researchers. 

Graduate students at CSUMB have several ways to get involved in the pursuit of new knowledge.

  • Work with a professor on one of their existing research projects,
  • Work with a professor to propose a new research project,
  • Develop a research opportunity as part of an internship,
  • Create a research opportunity by expanding a class assignment,
  • Pursue a research topic you are passionate about on your own.

Great research can be done with little or no funding. Research funding is required if you need: supplies, equipment, transportation, conference costs, wages, etc. The ability to seek and win research grants and contracts is a highly valued career skill.

Funding Your Research

Here are a few typical sources of graduate research funding.

  • Support from an existing research grant managed by a professor. This might be as an hourly employee with the University Corporation, or as a stipend paid as a Research Assistantship,
  • Support from an RSCA grant that a professor wins to support you,
  • Compete for research/travel funds through a CSU-wide affinity group like COAST  or CSUPERB.  Explore the other CSU Research groups for funding opportunities.

 Authentic research creates new knowledge.  Researchers share their creative works through publication. Your published work is then the foundation from which others can build yet newer ideas and scholarship. When you write—write for publication.