Office of Graduate Studies and Research

Office of Graduate Studies and Research

The Office of Graduate Studies and Research website has all the information that you need to succeed as a graduate student at CSUMB. We can help you find and succeed in the graduate program of your choice. Finally, we can help you move into the rewarding career you’ve worked so hard to reach. An overarching goal of our team is to create a graduate school experience for you that is rigorous, rewarding, and enjoyable!

Through Sponsored Programs, we also serve the needs of all researchers at CSUMB, whether you are an undergraduate seeking a deeper education and hands-on experience, a graduate student engaged in thesis work, or a faculty member leading a research team or other creative endeavor. Our goal is to enhance your productivity as a scholar by facilitating and streamlining the administrative processes you may encounter involving research; external funding through grants and contracts; and regulatory compliance with respect to safety, ethics, and intellectual property (copyrights and patents).


The James Irvine Foundation has given a $1,500,000 grant to create new pathways to quality jobs and economic mobility in Monterey County, through an entity such as the Monterey Bay Drone, Automation, and Robotics Technology (DART) initiative. Brad Barbeau (College of Business) will lead the project!

Department of Social Work landed nearly $2 million for need-based student scholarships from the Federal Department of Health and Human Services! Congratulations to Julie Altman, Renie Rondon Jackson, and Maria Gurrola!

Matthew McGee (MS Environmental Science) wins a Provost Award & Juliana Cornett (MS Marine Science) wins a President's Graduate Award.

Congratulations to the winners of the CSUMB RSCA competition!

Dr. Jenny Lin named a Fulbright Scholar!

Watch the CSUMB 2022 Grad Slam Competition!

Charles Scrivner (Marina Science) and Spencer Winter (Psychology) earned prestigious Goldwater Research Scholarships!  Thanks to UROC and research mentors: Zurine De Miguel, Rob Weisskirch, Tim Hanks, Sherry Palacios, and Heidi Dierssen.

CSUMB Professor Cheryl Logan contributed to the new IPCC annual global climate report.

Daran Towns is a 2022 Aquarium of the Pacific African-American Scholar Program Recipient!  See her here!

Dr. Liz Alter is CSUMB's first "NSF CAREER" award!
"Genomic and Morphological Divergence During Speciation in a Hyper-Diverse Marina Fish Clade"

______More Research News_______

Dean's Choice for Outstanding Theses of Spring 2022!

Kelsey Brown: Using Formative Assessments to Motivate Students in English Language Arts

Matthew Kurkjian: The Mock IEP for Educator Training

Rahil Ryder: The Genomics of Imidacloprid-Remediating Bacteria

Gammon Koval: Factors Affecting Seasonal Variation of Surf Zone Assemblages in Central California

Juliana Cornett: Physiological Responses to Hypoxia in Juvenile Flatfish

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