Office of Graduate Studies and Research

Office of Graduate Studies and Research

The Office of Graduate Studies and Research website has all the information that you need to succeed as a graduate student at CSUMB. We can help you find and succeed in the graduate program of your choice. Finally, we can help you move into the rewarding career you’ve worked so hard to reach. An overarching goal of our team is to create a graduate school experience for you that is rigorous, rewarding, and enjoyable!

Through Sponsored Programs, we also serve the needs of all researchers at CSUMB, whether you are an undergraduate seeking a deeper education and hands-on experience, a graduate student engaged in thesis work, or a faculty member leading a research team or other creative endeavor. Our goal is to enhance your productivity as a scholar by facilitating and streamlining the administrative processes you may encounter involving research; external funding through grants and contracts; and regulatory compliance with respect to safety, ethics, and intellectual property (copyrights and patents).

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______Research News_______

Dean's Choice for Outstanding Theses of Academic Year 2023-2024!

Katherine Roy - White Abalone (Haliotis sorenseni) Restoration Aquaculture: An Assessment of Formulated Diets and Probiotics

Matthew Hoehn – Assessing Monkeyface Prickleback Cebidichthys Violaceus as an Emerging Aquaculture Species in California

Parker Forman – Influence of Intrinsic Factors on At-Sea Behavior of Late Chick-Rearing Emperor Penguins (Aptenodytes Forsteri) at Cape Crozier, Ross Island, Antarctica

Janelle Vasquez-Nicholas – Assessing the Carmel River’s Biotic Conditions After River Reroute and Dam Removal Using the California Stream Condition Index

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