Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

UROC Researcher publishes on red algae!

Former UROC Researcher, Zareen Kilpatrick, had been waiting anxiously to hear from Taylor & Norton Online since graduating from CSUMB in fall 2015. The reason why was that Zareen and her mentor, Dr. Jeffery Hughey received news about their scientific paper's acceptance in December. That wait is finally over, their paper Mitochondrial and plastid genome analysis of the marine red alga Coeloseira compressa (Champiaceae,Rhodophyta) appeared in Taylor & Francis Online two weeks ago. The manuscript details the first genome description of a seaweed from a member of the red algal family Champiaceae (refer to image of C. compressa on right of screen). This accomplishment is the result of the research Zareen completed with Dr. Hughey during the summer and fall of 2015. Zareen graduated from CSUMB with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology with a concentration in teacher preparation and a minor in Mathematics. Dr. Jeffery Hughey is an Instructor of Biology at Hartnell College. Congratulations Zareen and Dr. Hughey!

Photo of Coeloseira compressa