Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

UROC Course Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) Faculty Fellowship

The Course Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) Faculty Fellowship program will provide CSUMB faculty (lecturers and tenure-track) the space and structure to develop instructional materials, curricular activities and evaluation strategies for the integration of authentic research activities into new or current CSUMB courses. UROC is particularly interested in supporting the development of general education (GE) and/or first year seminar (FYS) courses. Applicants are welcome from all disciplines and interdisciplinary CUREs are strongly encouraged.

The program will be hosted and facilitated by Dr. Corin White, Curriculum Associate, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center and Dr. Corin Slown, Associate Professor, Department of Biology and Chemistry.

Participants will be paid $1,500 to create CURE related deliverables (e.g. an adapted syllabus) and $2,500 to participate in the spring and summer faculty learning community. Participants will also be expected to respond to pre-retreat planning questions and to participate in program evaluation efforts including a post-program evaluation form. Learn more about the campus-wide impact of the CURE Faculty Fellows Program.

*CSUMB RSCA applicants and/or awardees who will be developing research-based courses are highly encouraged to participate in the UROC Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) fellowship program. Recipients of CSUMB RSCA awards may apply for an additional award from UROC for faculty learning community participation.

Program Benefits

  • Compensation ($4,000) for work during the spring and summer
  • A structured program with course design/development deliverables
  • Assistance with developing evaluation strategies and scaffolding
  • Support in course development/design
  • Funding for CURE assistant support, supplies and equipment


  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • CSUMB Faculty or Lecturer
  • Willing and able to make a full time commitment to attend program meetings in March, April, May, June, and August of 2023. These meetings are usually 1-3 hours long.
  • Planning to implement a CURE in the Fall of 2023 and/or the Spring of 2024

Applications for the 2024 CURE Faculty Fellows Program will open in the Spring!

2023 CURE Faculty Fellows

  • Amir Attia: CST 345, Visual Thinking
  • Christine Rosales: PSY 357, Psychology of Liberation and Healing
  • Jennifer Kato: BIO 320, Microbiology
  • Jennifer Lovell: PSY 321, Clinical and Counseling Psychology
  • Seth Gustafson: ENSTU 350, Research Methods for Environmental Studies
  • Renee Penalver: PSY 335, Bilingual Cognition
  • Kenneth McMillen: MSCI 370, Biological and Physical Oceanography
  • Frank Macabenta: BIO 370, Developmental Biology and BIO 210, Molecular and Cell Biology and Animal Physiology
  • James Guilinger: GEOL 360, Geomorphic Systems
  • Harold Hickey, BIO 306L, Biotechnology in Agriculture
  • Mary Whaley: FYS, Intro to Environmental Communication
  • Adrea Gonzalez-Karlsson: AGPS470, Integrated Pest Management
  • Althea Sully-Cole: FYS, Ethnomusicology