Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

For Students

UROC pairs undergraduate students who are interested in conducting research and ultimately applying to graduate school (Master or PhD) with a faculty mentor closely related to the students’ academic interests.

If you are interested in undergraduate research, please come in to UROC or you may email student inquiries to uroc@csumb.edu.

What is undergraduate research?

Undergraduate research takes many forms. Undergraduate research is an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that addresses a specific research question, utilizes appropriate research methodologies, adheres to the standards of the discipline, and results in the dissemination of findings.

Projects range from marine science and molecular genetics to media studies and the use of technology in education.

Why undergraduate research?

Undergraduate research prepares you for graduate school, lets you apply your classroom knowledge and passion for learning in the real world, and gives you the opportunity to work alongside a research mentor. Through undergraduate research you will develop critical thinking, inquiry, communication, and analytical skills, and make authentic contributions to real-world research.

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