Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

Research Supply Funding

UROC has funds to purchase limited research supplies for UROC Scholars and Researchers.

Eligible Items may include:

  • Funds are available to purchase **consumable** supplies that are critical for the execution of your research.
  • Items that are considered "equipment" cannot be purchased using these funds, and must be provided by the mentor and/or host organization. Email uroc@csumb.edu to find out what is considered "equipment".
  • Non-essential items, personal items (like field clothing), and items not directly related to the research will not be approved. (E.g., Textbooks for a class are not considered research supplies.)

To request supplies for your research project, fill out the Research Supply Request form below. Funding decisions are made on a case by case basis.

Requests must be pre-approved by the Research Mentor on the project. The UROC student must fill out the form. Contact UROC if you have questions about any portion of this form.

*If you have more than 4 items to purchase or would prefer to to submit your request by filling out a .doc file, contact UROC@csumb.edu, and they will provide you a copy of the Word file.

The Research Supply Request Form will request the following information:

  • UROC student name and contact information.
  • A clear justification for each of the items requested.
  • Vendor name and contact information (e.g. website and telephone number for ordering). (Note: A separate form must be submitted for each vendor.)
  • Item name(s) and product id number(s).
  • Cost per unit item and quantity needed.
  • Total cost (incl. tax and shipping).
  • Delivery address and specific shipping, handling, and delivery instructions.