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Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity Spring Showcase

CSUMB's Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity Showcase is a forum for both graduate and undergraduate students to share their research, scholarship, and creative work(s) within CSUMB and the surrounding community. Students, under the guidance of one or more faculty members within their department, or multiple departments for interdisciplinary projects, are eligible to submit a project a project to be considered for the showcase. All faculty-mentored research projects are welcomed!

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2024 Spring Showcase

Join us for the Spring Showcase that will take place on Friday, April 12th, 12-4pm in the Tanimura and Antle Family Memorial Library. Students from across all disciplines will share any research or creative work, completed projects and “works in progress”. The CSU SRC Competition delegates will also be presenting in preparation for the statewide competition.

Oral Presentations  

Session 1 will take place in the Tanimura & Antle Library Room 1173

Time Presenter(s) Mentor Title
12:05 René Aguilera & Nicolle Leon Steven Machek The Impact of MultipleAcute Turkesterone Doses on Serum Growth Hormone, Resting Metabolic Rate and Substrate Utilization
12:20 Brielle Liske Arun Jani Carbon and Nitrogen Mineralization from Oat and Fava Bean Residues in Community Garden Beds
12:35 Damaris Ispache Dr. Arun Jani Paper circular chromatography: A qualitative tool for soil health assessments
12:50 Nelsy Montes-Romero Ignacio Navarro Assessing Health Information Materials to Improve Health Literacy in Minority Communities: Inter-rater Reliability Analysis of a CLAS Standards Rubric
1:05 Kiley Appleby & Amanda Gutierrez Jennifer Lovell Is there a healthy way to be addicted to your phone?
1:20 Alo Wilson, Moncerat Navarro Carpio, Mikayla Castillo, & Jourdan Garnier Christine Rosales Envisioning Collective Action: Seaside Community Action Teams
1:35 Kyle Parker & C Mazariegos Jennifer Dyer-Seymour The Assessment of Student Writing in Advanced Research Methods in Psychology
1:50 Mackenzie Caprino Cheryl Logan Correlating Thermal Tolerance with Symbiont Community Type of Galápagos Pavona clavus
2:05 Alora Skustad Sherry Palacios Surf’s Up: The Integration of Surfing and Science
2:20 Moana Bullock Sherry Palacios Environmental Microplastic Biodegradation and Feeding Bias in an Invasive Crustacean (Procambarus clarkii) at the Terrestrial-Marine Interface

Session 2 will take place in the Tanimura & Antle Library Room 1180

Title Presenter(s) Mentor Title
12:05 Oscar Murillo-Espinoza Jim Brown Arithmetical structures on canoe paddle graphs
12:20 Alyssa Walter Salvador Jorgensen Phenology of Cryptic White Shark Mating Inferred From Mating Scars
12:35 Marina Jimenez & Ilia Borromeo Alison Haupt Exploring the Recovery of the Pismo Clam (Tivela stultorum) in the Monterey Bay
12:50 Connor Quiroz John Olson The California Red-legged frog, Rana draytonii, Habitat: Defining and Predicting their Current and Future Ranges
1:05 Margaret Falknor Eric Martin Testing the Reliability of a Modified Spider Test for Pickleball
1:20 Matt Ritchey Eric Martin Neuromuscular Fatigue in Pickleball
1:35 Jissel Antonio Chrissy Hernandez Uniendo Nuestras Voces: A Study of Collective Experiences of Oppression in Schools
1:50 Maria Corral Cervantes & Aislynne Chappell Jennifer Dyer-Seymour Unveiling the Connection Between Parents' Education and First-Generation Psychology Alumni's Choice of Higher Education or Workforce
2:05 Sarina Regis & Katelyn Huie McKenzie Floyd Trend identification in x-ray diffraction peaks of historic cartridge cases from Fort Ord, CA

Poster Presentations

Tanimura and Antle Library, 1st and 2nd Floor. Poster Session 1: Odd Poster Numbers, 2 - 3 p.m.; Poster Session 2: Even Poster Numbers, 3 - 4 p.m.

Poster # Presenter(s) Mentor Title
1 Aline Tuzan Corin Slown Understanding the state of Marine Science education and the impact of outreach on Elementary students and their choices later in life.
2 Riley Moulton, Paola Cabezas, & Hailey Christian Frank Macabenta Investigating the role of bantam microRNA in promoting Drosophila muscle precursor homeostasis
3 Michael Torrisi Salvador Jorgensen An examination of the ontogenetic shift of White Shark prey preference from fishes to pinniped marine mammals
4 Martin Gil, Josie Wrinkle, & Lilah Wise Alison Haupt Annual Urchin Recruitment Along the Monterey Coast
5 Clark Lee Salvador Jorgensen Integrating Machine Learning to Identify Copepods on Sharks
6 Anne Hansen Sherry Palacios Shining a light: Measuring Light Absorption and Irradiance through Eelgrass, Zostera marina, Meadows
7 Curtis Bireley Arun Jani Evaluating Diverse Baby Greens Germplasm For Drought Tolerance And Nitrogen Responsiveness
8 Aubriana Bernhardt Arun Jani Sustainability Indexing: An Ecosystem Perspective on Agricultural Sustainability
9 Alex Rodriguez Arun Jani Testing Plant-Based Carbon Nanoparticles on Arugula for Improved Yields and Nitrogen Recovery
10 Samantha Kozlo & Annabelle Norman Arlene Haffa & Stephanie Kortman  Characterizing Nitrous Oxide-Producing Archaea in Soil : Genomic Analysis of Sustainable Practices
11 Amira Colon Alana Unfried National Trends in Undergraduate Statistics and Data Science Courses from a Stratified Sample
12 April McCoy Maria Bellumori The gut microbiome: effects on and links with ADHD and Parkinson’s disease
13 Ella Johnston Babita Gupta Exploring College Students’ Awareness of the Environmental Impact of Cloud Computing Technologies and their Sustainability
14 Jamie Booth, Genelle Watkins, & Bibi Narebor   Exploring The Identities And Social Interactions of Black Students at CSUMB
15 Nathan Salow Jill Yamashita The Relationship between Extraversion and Face Recognition
16 Diana Mendoza Danielle Burchett Exploring the Potential for Bias Against Individuals with Thought Dysfunction in the Assessment of Symptom Overreporting
17 Madison Loewen  McKenzie Floyd Trend identification of historical bullet casing chemical compositions on Fort Ord, CA
18 Neahkanie Hunt-Conley Robert Majzler The Effectiveness of Reentry Programs: Monterey County
19 Esme Schwerin & Michelle Katuala Mrinal Sinha Latinx Educational Success: Identifying Obstacles
20 Autumn Day Justin Matthews Face-ism and Gaze Among Neuroscience Faculty Representations
21 Casey Johnson Jill Yamashita Dynamic Superiority Effect on Short-term Memory
22 Saba Shah Rob Weisskirch How parents assess the risks of technology use in their children
23 Sofia Campos & Jhoana Morales-Lopez Jennifer Dyer-Seymour Exploring the Chance Events that Influence the Career Paths of First-Generation and Continuing-Generation Psychology Alumni
24 Yeritzi Victoria  Rebecca Pozzi Bilinguals and their tip of the tongue (TOT) rates.
25 Nicholas Zuniga, Efrain Ramirez, Elizabth Anaya, Natalie Gilbert, & Dennah Eritzian Jennifer Lovell Get off your screen - go outside! Students explore how to utilize class break for well-being
26 Liberty Allen, Alison Jensen, Sofia Campos, & Heaven Smith Jennifer Dyer-Seymour What do CSUMB Psychology Alumni have to say to current undergrads? Take a piece of advice from a former otter.
27 Melanie Abarca, Kimberly Smith Jennifer Lovell Screen-time Solutions: Assessing the Link Between Screen-time Wellness and Academic Self-efficacy
28 Psychology 355/Bilingual Cognition Fall 2023, Yeritzi Victoria, Dolores Marquez, Sara Jew, Samantha Ulloa, Reina Yorba-Rico, Edward Nelson, and Harmony Perna Renee Penalver The Impact of Bilingualism on False Memory and Source Memory
29 Psychology 355/Bilingual Cognition Fall 2023, Yeritzi Victoria, Dolores Marquez, Sara Jew, Samantha Ulloa, Reina Yorba-Rico, Edward Nelson, and Harmony Perna Renee Penalver The Impact of Bilingualism on False Memory and Source Memory