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Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity Spring Showcase

CSUMB's Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity Showcase is a forum for both graduate and undergraduate students to share their research, scholarship, and creative work(s) within CSUMB and the surrounding community. Students, under the guidance of one or more faculty members within their department, or multiple departments for interdisciplinary projects, are eligible to submit a project a project to be considered for the showcase. All faculty-mentored research projects are welcomed!

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2023 Spring Showcase

The Spring Showcase will take place on April 21, 2023 from 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. in person at the Tanimura & Antle Library. All are welcome! Please view our Spring Showcase Program for student research abstracts. 

Oral Presentations, 12 - 2:20 p.m.

Session 1 will take place in the Tanimura & Antle Library Room 1173

Time Presenter Mentor Title
12:05 Christian Martinez Alison Haupt The Spawning Patterns of the Purple Urchins
12:20 Anne Hansen Sherry Palacios Starting at the Source: Increasing Accessibility of Seagrass Ecology through Source-to-Source Compiling
12:35 Emily Vidusic Alison Haupt A comparison of Multiple Methods to Measure Purple Sea Urchin Population Densities within the Monterey Peninsula Intertidal
12:50 Ellery Charleton John Olson Macroinvertebrate Comparison in the Dry Salinas River at Sites With and Without Arundo
1:05 Katie Hermann Gerick Bergsma Follow the Feeder: A Look at Western Gulls' Foraging Relationships with Sea Otters

Session 2 will take place in the Tanimura and Antle Library Room 1176

Time Presenter(s) Mentor Title
12:05 Gabriel Morales Juan Jose Gutierrez Resilience Demonstrated Through Community Cultural Wealth: How Latino Students Persist in Higher Education With the Case of California State University, Monterey Bay
12:20 Leila Ashman, Samantha Camacho, Stela Apostolova Christine Rosales A Rhetorical Analysis of White Supremacist Moves to Innocence
12:35 Berenice Lemus Shaowen Hua Developing and Assessing a Framework for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Monitoring Concerning RPA in Audit Tasks
12:50 Adam Dean Nathaniel Jue The Effects of Soil Microbiome on the Nutrient Content of Tomatoes
1:05 Malcom Tunnell, Lyrik Hampshire, Audrey Jones, Anastasia Swann, Giles Johnson Nathaniel Jue, Dennis Kombe The Effectiveness of University Student Resources for Black Students at CSU Monterey

Session 3 will take place in the Tanimura and Antle Library Room 1180

Time Presenter(s) Mentor Title
12:05 Angelica May Amita Jenny Lin Social Impacts of Co-Branding and Public Service Announcements Messaging
12:20 Devon McCauley Kelly Medina-Lopez Adoption as Ongoing Settler Colonialism: A Genealogy of Severance and Domination
12:35 Kimberly Smith, Rosa Acevedo Duran Jennifer Lovell Understanding Youth Mental Health Needs Through Participatory Action Research
12:50 Kiki (Vasiliki) Iden Alana Unfried Modeling the Majority: Bridging Practicality with Purpose
1:05 Isaak Haberman Alison Haupt Disparities in Drivers of Subtidal and Intertidal Sea Urchin Reproductive Capacity
1:20 Paige Siegel Alison Haupt Mapping the Stars: Understanding the Spatial Variability of Sea Stars along the Monterey Peninsula
1:35 Pepper St. Clair Simon Titen Analysis of Antibiotic Pressure on Conjugation Efficiency of Antimicrobial Resistance Genes in E. Coli
1:50 Alexandra Yokomizo John Olson Revealing How Wildfires Can Affect River Sediments and Chemistry During Droughts and After Precipitation
2:05 Mikaela Kirkpatrick, Jherrica Phillips Eric Martin Effect of Extended Run Time on Load-Voltage Relationship in S-Type Load Cells
2:20 Savannah Saldana John Olson Effects of Arundo donax Removal on Aerial Invertebrates Along the Salinas River, Monterey County, CA

Poster Presentations

Tanimura and Antle Library, 1st and 2nd Floor. Poster Session 1: Odd Poster Numbers, 2 - 3 p.m.; Poster Session 2: Even Poster Numbers, 3 - 4 p.m.

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

Poster # Presenter(s) Mentor Title
1 Nevan Bell Jennifer Lovell Exploring Positive and Negative Experiences of Campus Policing Among Students, Staff, and Faculty
2 Monica Gutierrez, Diana Mendoza Danielle Burchett The Importance of Reproducibility and Replicability in Psychological Assessment Research
3 Grace Quinowski Danielle Burchett Examining the Initial Elevation Phenomenon with MMPI-2 and MMPI-2-RF Items Administered in a Forensic Inpatient Setting
4 Kaitlyn Wilyard, Vanessa Cruspero Christine Rosales Colleges are Not Meeting Students Basic Needs

College of Education

Department of Education and Leadership

Poster # Presenter(s) Mentor Title
5 Jamie Booth, Liyah Marie, Bibi Narebor, Rosa Gonzalez Mojarro, Leahana Venezuela, Cottrell Ealy Dennis Kombe Black Student Experiences at Different Types of Higher Education Institutions

College of Health Sciences and Human Services

Kinesiology Department

Poster # Presenter(s) Mentor Title
6 Michiel Breen, Nia Howard Steven Machek, Kent Adams Wrist Wrap Type and Sex Impacts on Bench Press Muscular Endurance and Associated Perceptual Indices
7 Alyssa Chappel, Stephanie Mercado, Tianna Wehby Maria Bellumori One Year Effects Of Rock Steady Boxing Exercise in Parkinson's Disease
8 Citlaly Jauregui, Rene Aguilera Steven Machek, Kent Adams Wrist Wrap Type and Sex Impacts on Grip Strength, Pushup Power, and Associated Subjective Stability
9 Tianna Wehby Sara Powell Identifying Implicit Bias of Kinesiology Students Related to Special Populations in Physical Activity Settings

College of Science

Department of Applied Environmental Science

Poster # Presenter(s) Mentor Title
10 Aleah Adame, Tobias Osborne, Madison Moreno Victoria Derr Sustainability Literacy Assessment
11 Michelle Cone Daniel Fernandez Ground Truthing of MODIS GA V6 Satellite Fog Data with Standard Fog Collectors along the Central California Coast
12 Emily Donahue  Simone Baumann-Pickering Fish Choruses in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
13 Nicole Lucha, Elise Vasquez Stefanie Kortman Comparing Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Fumigant and Alternative Soil Pathogen Management Practices in Commercial Strawberries, Watsonville, California
14 Connor Quiroz Peter Kourtey Causing a Stir in Northern Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia purpurea)
15 Hayli Stewart, Danijela Jozinovic Daniel Fernandez Comparative Mesh Measurements of Fog Water Collection

Department of Biology and Chemistry

Poster # Presenter(s) Mentor Title
16 Curtis Bireley, Damaris Ispache Arun Jani Evaluating Small-Seeded Fava Bean Genotypes for Biological Nitrogen Fixation and Biomass Production
17 Aubriana Bernhardt Arun Jani Baby Greens Root Growth and Morphological Response to Carbon Nanoparticles
18 Nicholas Weinman Arun Jani Carbon Nanoparticle Added to Arugula for Improved Nitrogen Recovery
19 Sean Gleavy Arun Jani Carbon Nanoparticle Addition to Fertilizer Improve Lettuce Yields and Nitrogen Recovery
20 Alma Leon Maria Laura Habegger Does Head Dimorphism Lead to Higher Bite Force in Mahi Mahi (Coryphaeana hippurus) Males?
21 Zachary Vayder, Anastasia Swann, Monica Urias Liz Alter The Genetic Mysteries in Chelaethiops Fishes of the Congo River
22 Conor Rickard Arlene Haffa Assessing How Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Compost Impact Soil Metagenomics

School of Computing and Design

Poster # Presenter(s) Mentor Title
23 Cameron Oakley Sam Ogden Exploring Mitigation Strategies for Common MANET Network Layer Attacks

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Poster # Presenter(s) Mentor Title
24 Monica Aguayo, Samantha Fischer, Amira Colon, Lily Vang Alana Unfried Building a Sampling Protocol and a National Database for Educational Research in College-Level Statistics and Data Science Courses
25 Sierra Fishman Alana Unfried MASDER Project E-SOMAS Instrument
26 Cody Leporini Alana Unfried Automation of Personalized Reports: Effective Communication Through Data Visualization
27 Micah Ford Kendall Alana Unfried The Elusive Random Sample: Study Showing Convenience Sampling Leaves a Number of Groups Underrepresented

Communication Across the Disciples

Poster # Presenter(s) Mentor Title
28 Olivia Equinoa, Dana O'Donnell Kristjan Bondesson Exploring Student Experiences with Non-Traditional Grading Practices in Writing Courses

Koret Scholars

Poster # Presenter(s) Mentor Title
29 Alexandra Aboukhater Jill Yamashita Bilinguals and Monolinguals Facial Recognition
30 Sofia Christofi, C Mazariegos Jennifer Dyer-Seymour Are Students Ready for the Workplace? Student and Employer Perceptions on Essential Skills
31 Neahkahnie Hunt-Conley Sriya Shrestha The Effectiveness of The Prison Industrial Complex and Reentry Programs: Is Abolition the Answer?
32 Alison Jensen Kevin Grobman Sex Education, Moral Foundations, & the Current Culture Wars
33 C Mazariegos, Sofia Christofi Jennifer Dyer-Seymour Do They Get The Job?: Undergraduates' Perceptions of Skills and Qualifications on Resumes
34 Kyle Parker, Maria Navarro Jennifer Dyer-Seymour How Have Students' Perceptions of their Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Changed During the Covid-19 Pandemic?
35 Nathan Salow Jill Yamashita Examining Face Perception using Extraversion
36 Sydney Utley, Alo Wilson, Uriah Toussant Chrissy Hernandez Community-Based Curriculum Development: Localization of Ethnic Studies in Salinas Union High School District

McNair Scholars

Poster # Presenter(s) Mentor Title
37 Damaris Ispache Arun Jani

Evaluating Diverse Fava Bean Genotypes for Above and Below-ground Biomass Production and Nitrogen Accumulation Potential in the Salinas Valley

38 Rosa Acevedo, Kimberly Smith, Aliyah Castillo, Sherlyn Flores-Magadan Jennifer Lovell

Desires and Challenges for Seeking Mental Health Support Among Latinx High School Students

39 Jhoana Morales, Maria Fernanda Corral Cervantes, Sofia Campos Jennifer Dyer-Seymour

Alumni Study

40 Kimberly Smith, Rosa Acevedo Duran  Jennifer Lovell

Comparing Adolescent Mental Health between 2020 and 2022: A Youth Participatory Action Research Project

41 Yeritzi Victoria, Sara Jew, Sam Ulloa, Thuytien Nguyen, Selena Achi Renee Penalver

The Impact of Social Interaction on Communities of Color Experiencing Cognitive Decline

42 Yeritzi Victoria, Melissa McGinnis  Danielle Burchett

The Importance of Examining the Comparability of Psychological Tests Across Languages

43 Efrain Ramirez, Ingrid Romero, Monica Gutierrez Danielle Burchett

The Importance of Identifying Invalid Data in Psychological Assessment Research

Apple Scholars

Poster # Presenter(s) Mentor Title
44 Elliot Shabram Samuel Ogden Rethinking Mobile Ad-hoc Networks With Security and Privacy In Mind
45 Skye Cardoza Cheryl Logan Assessing the Potential for Rapid Adaptation to Climate Change in Rockfish