Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

Research Mentor & Research Project Qualification

  • After identifying a willing research mentor and research project, applicants may apply to the UROC Researcher program. Ideally, at the time of application submission, applicants will have already spent some time engaged in research under their mentor's guidance.
  • Research Mentors may be scientists, scholars, faculty, or graduate students (at CSUMB or a regional partner institution) with the experience and willingness to mentor the student along a developmental trajectory toward independence, originality, and autonomy. In the process, mentors help their mentee develop critical thinking, inquiry, communication, and analytical skills through authentic contributions to real-world research.

Research Project Qualification

Clarification on Capstone Projects

Capstone research projects do not typically qualify for recognition through this program. UROC would like to reserve support and recognition for projects that are not meeting a graduation requirement or are conducted as part of a credited course. However, if the capstone research project is both truly exceptional and adheres to the standards outlined in the UROC definition of undergraduate research, UROC will recognize the student and mentor for their outstanding achievement.

If there are any questions regarding whether a project can be recognized through this or any of our other programs, please contact uroc@csumb.edu for clarification.

UROC's definition of undergraduate research

Undergraduate research is an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that addresses a specific research question, utilizes appropriate research methodologies, adheres to the standards of the discipline, and results in the dissemination of findings.

For more information on what undergraduate research and its benefits for a students, visit our Getting Started page.