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The Isabelle Bayne Smith Memorial UROC Research Scholarship Donor Biographical Information

The followed will be shared by UROC with the Isabelle Bayne Smith Scholar:

"Grandma" Isabelle Bayne Smith is the inspiration for this named award as she was a life-long learner and a proud grandmother to five. This includes being the Grandma to the Cal State Monterey Bay alumnus who founded this scholarship.

Her family has worked together to continue this scholarship as a way to remember and honor the Mother and Grandma that she was. She was the first generation daughter of immigrants from Scotland. Although she had two older siblings, she was the first of her family to be born in the United States.

Grandma Isabelle loved to teach her grandchildren about her passions for sewing, gardening, and golfing. She did this by making costumes for Halloween including helping her 5-year-old and child make a pair of shorts. Isabelle had a wonderful garden in her backyard where she taught her grandchildren to care for fruit trees, fresh vegetables, and nurture flowers. In addition, she was equipped with the patience to teach golf in her dining room to her grandchildren. Even though the greens at Torrey Pines, down the street from her house, were easier to navigate. Most of all, Isabelle realized that each of her grandchildren had their own interests and passions, which she encouraged. Grandma Isabelle served as an important inspiration for the donors of this award to seek higher learning, including the founder of this scholarship, to pursue her love of the ocean sciences.

The recipient of this award is encouraged to follow his or her own passions, a lifetime of learning, and fellow in the footsteps of the founder of this scholarship and give back."