Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

Important Information about undergraduate research and Covid-19

Wondering what undergraduate research will look like in summer 2020? Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about this upcoming summer.

Can I still conduct research this summer?

Yes, summer research will still be taking place though modified in response to the Shelter-In-Place Order put in place in Monterey County. All summer programs, including summer courses, will happen virtually. Students interested in participating in research labs should plan accordingly with their current or potential mentor and develop a virtual project description.

Students should be aware that faculty are very busy at the moment as they move their instruction to a virtual platform while also adjusting their own personal lives. This also includes adjusting any research space. We ask all students to practice patience as faculty may not be as quick to respond to emails.

Additionally, the campus will not be offering on-campus housing this summer. This decision was made by the campus, and is independent from the UROC programs that are running virtually this summer. If you have any further questions about housing, please feel free to reach out to Leslie Williams, Dean of Students, and/or Beth Little, Assistant Director of Student Housing/Residential Life

Schedule an appointment with UROC staff if you still have questions.

What should I keep in mind regarding Covid-19?

Listen to the scientists and your local state officials. Also, check out this helpful YouTube video for tips on how to stay safe while grocery shopping.

Are there low cost/free software that CSUMB offers that I can use while I work remotely?

CSUMB Center for Academic Technologies offers free software such as Qualtrics, Adobe Creative Suite, and Video editing software.

CSUMB IT department offers free software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office 365, NVivo, and SAS.

I am current Researcher and plan on continuing my research this summer. Can I still do that?

Because all work must be done virtually this summer, it depends on what your research entails. If your project requires you to be on a campus lab or out in the field working at close proximity with other people, then it's unlikely. However, be sure to get in touch with your current mentor to see what works, if any, can be done virtually.

If I am accepted into the Summer Researchers Program, what will be required of me besides conducting my research?

All students will be required to enroll in either RSCH 294, instructed by Dr. Corin White, or RSCH 394, instructed by Natasha Oehlman. Both courses will be offered virtually and will merge in late July as we approach the Summer Symposium. Please note UROC Researchers must receive 70% or above in the course to be eligible for continued funding. UROC Scholars must receive an 80% or above to remain in good standing with the program.

Students must meet with Dr. Jessica Bautista, program lead, at least once during the summer. Students in the Scholars program will continue to meet with Dr. Corin White.

RSCH 294 - Introductory Undergraduate Research Experience

Supports student's mentored undergraduate research experiences, strengthens academic and professional skills, and explores research-based academic and career pathways. Introduces norms and precepts of academic research, including research ethics and conduct. Students develop writing and professional communication skills; creates resumes and professional products; and present their research at t research conferences sand symposia. Students must participate in the Virtual Summer Research Symposium on Friday, August 7th.

RSCH 394 - Intermediate Undergraduate Research Experience

Open to all UROC UGR summer students who want to advance their professional writing skills in the areas of manuscripts; the graduate school statements; scholarships and fellowships. The course offers constructive writing time; feedback on drafts; individual and small group consultations; writing strategies aimed at submitting competitive scholarships and fellowships; and writing for multiple, professional audiences. Students must participate in the Virtual Summer Research Symposium on Friday, August 7th.

Yes. The Summer Symposium will be a virtual event. You'll be expected to present your summer deliverable virtually at the Summer Symposium on Friday, August 7. Schedule an appointment with UROC if you're wondering what will be different about it.

I am a research mentor. What information do I need to know regarding this summer and possibly even the fall?

Providing research and scholarly activity to our undergraduate students continues to just as important now as it was before. Ensuring that work can be done remotely and adjusting plans to accommodate students will benefit the student body in many ways. We also hope that you will continue to take on new students and engage them as your workload allows. Our Mentors FAQs contain more details regarding the role.

Additionally, please take advantage of the many resources available to you and to students.