Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

Continuing UROC Researcher Project Update

This application is a request made by a current or former UROC Researcher for additional funding for an already ongoing project.

Completely new projects that are not continuations or expansions of the project you were previously working on with your mentor require submission of a new UROC Researcher application. Contact the UROC Research Associate for further clarification, if necessary.

Evaluation Criteria. Applications for continuing funding will be evaluated based on the UROC Researcher's prior completion of the academic performance , workshop & professional development, and research dissemination requirements during the preceding term. The Project Update will also be closely examined for complete and thorough responses to the prompting questions and to determine if the applicant worked with their mentor on the document itself.

Application Deadline. Details on application deadlines each term (fall, spring, or summer) can be found on the Application Access & Deadlines page.

Application Components & Guidelines