Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

Community Engaged Research, Scholarship, Creative Work: Course Development Grant

The Course Development Grant for Community Engaged Research, Scholarship, Creative Work was a pilot partnership between CSUMB's Service Learning Institute (SLI) and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center (UROC). This grant opportunity was intended to support faculty members to develop new courses, or revise existing ones, to incorporate course-based research projects with a community engagement focus. The intent was to facilitate projects that engage creatively with real world issues in the classroom that expand and transform the research/teaching/learning environment and that generate research products that will be of use to communities.

Three grants of $1,500 each were awarded to facilitate projects that engage creatively with real-world issues in the classroom and that expanded and transformed the teaching/learning environment. Applicants were encouraged to use these grants as seed funding for larger projects and/or external grant applications.


A humanities-based research and theory intensive course (From HCOM MLO 3): Develop competency in creative practice, such as creative writing, journalism, and/or media projects and community storytelling, that responds to a social issue and engages the public. (From HCOM MLO 4): Apply inquiry-based methods informed by humanistic traditions to investigate, interpret, and critique diverse ideas and texts.)

Grant recipients were invited to join the UROC CURE Fellows Pprogram. Projects must be led by CSUMB Faculty who are encouraged to apply their expertise in anew and creative ways in partnership with communities; UROC does not fund proposals submitted on behalf of organizations outside of CSUMB. Preference is given to projects addressing community needs in CSUMB's directly adjacent communities (Seaside, Marine, Monterey). Funds may be used for faculty stipends to develop the course, course supplies, and student/instructional assistant time to support course implementation. Applications must be supported by the appropriate administrator (i.e. Chair, Dean, Director).