Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

Baldock & Butler UROC Scholar's Program Scholarship

The Barbara Baldock and Phillip Butler Scholarship awards one UROC Scholar $5000 to support their undergraduate research and graduate school application endeavors. Award based on academic achievement, undergraduate research interests, financial need, graduate school aspirations, and a commitment to serve the community through research, outreach, and service.

UROC Scholar Baldock and Butler Awardees

Levi Mahler, Japanese Language and Culture, International Health Policy minor (2024)

Sarina Regis, Biology (2024)

Ingrid Martinson, Marine Science, Environmental Health Policy minor (2023)

Emily Donahue, Environmental Science Technology & Policy, Statistics minor (2023)

Alexandra "Lexi" Yokomizo, Environmental Science, Technology, and Policy (2022)

Moana Bullock, Marine Science (2022)

Saray Garcia, Business (2021)

Spencer Winter, Biology & Human Development and Family Sciences (2021)

Selina Espinoza, Psychology (2020)

Vicki Meraz, Biology (2019)

Megan Salomonson, Marine Science (2019)

Marisa Thompson, Marine Science (2019)

Jennifer Hatch, Psychology (2018)

Robert Castro, Molecular Biology, International Health minor (2017)

Madison Heard, Marine Science (2017)

Alexandria Cervantes, Honorable Mention, Mathematics, Computer Science minor (2017)

Johnpaul De La O, Honorable Mention, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Concentration Sociology (2017)

Alex Jensen, Human Communication, Emphasis Peace Studies (2016)

Elizabeth Hensley, Human Communication, Journalism; Emile Dirck, Environmental Science(2015)

Lilyana Gross-Staight, Mathematics; Breanna Orozco, Kinesiology (2014)

Emily Roncase, Biology; Sara Banco, Psychology (2013)

Omar Davila Jr., Psychology; Christina Hill, Environmental Science (2012)

Kevin Johnson, Biology (2011)

2016 Winner at the UROC Year-End Celebration.
Winners at the Black Horse Bayonet Golf Course, 2013.
Winners at the UROC Year-End Celebration, 2015.