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Chevron Scholar wraps up her summer research sponsored

Meet Scholar Alexandria Cervantes from​ Salinas, CA​! She is a mathematics major, with an education concentration. During summer 2018, Alexandria conducted research at Vanderbilt University with Dr. Luis Leyva.

Alexandria's research focused on K-12 experiences in developmental mathematics and STEM in Latinx students. Her research interests revolve around understanding how social constructs such as race, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity affect student experiences in the math classroom. Her summer research was supported by the Chevron Scholarship. The Chevron Scholarship is awarded to a UROC Scholar each year and provides support intended to help Computer Science students go on to success in research, graduate studies and a STEM career.

Alexandria's future plans are to attend graduate school and receive a PhD in Mathematics Education. She envisions herself becoming a university professor.

Fun Fact: She was introduced to coding as a high school student and has already started learning multiple program languages such as C++ and Python!