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Reading Apprenticeship Professional Development Through WestEd

We have limited remaining funds to cover registration fees for faculty who want to take a Reading Apprenticeship 6-week, asynchronous online course offered through WestEd beginning in March.

Faculty 101 and STEM Faculty 101 courses begin March 18th (no prior RA experience required)

Reading Apprenticeship in College Writing and Campus Coach courses begin Mar. 11 (Faculty 101 or STEM Faculty 101 is a prerequisite)

This opportunity is open to all faculty members (part- and full-time lectures and tenure-line)

Limited funds. All requests will be considered in the order received as funding remains.

Questions? Contact tla@csumb.edu or x4574

Why participate in Reading Apprenticeship professional development through WestEd?

CSUMB will continue to provide brief Reading Apprenticeship introductions during spring and fall planning weeks and offer continuing coops for faculty interested in discussing their Reading Apprenticeship work face to face. WestEd's asynchronous, online professional development classes may be of particular interest to faculty who prefer online learning, have difficulty scheduling face-to-face meetings, want a more structured learning experience (e.g. with assignments based on readings and their own classroom experiences), are interested in learning from the WestEd community, and/or want to learn how to better help other CSUMB faculty and staff gain expertise in Reading Apprenticeship.

What courses are available?

From CSUMB faculty who have participated in WestEd courses

  • Rebecca Kersnar, former faculty member in the School of Natural Sciences and TLA Teaching and Learning Specialist
    • The Reading Apprenticeship STEM 101 course provided an in-depth opportunity to reflect on texts related to RA and the student reading experience in the STEM classroom, practice RA routines and tools in the classroom, and have access to a thoughtful group of online STEM educators. I appreciated the flexible online format and disciplinary literacy practice. The experience helped me gain greater facility with the RA routines and tools, and I was inspired by to see students engage as strategic STEM readers and problem solvers.
  • Yhashika Lee, faculty member in First Year Seminar and Cinematic Arts & Technology
    • Reading Apprenticeship gave me a systematic way to teach students with various level of preparedness for college to read complex text. In fact, it's the end of the semester and my students have reported using the techniques in their other classes.
  • Erin Stanfield, faculty member in the School of Natural Sciences
    • The RA101 online course helped me develop more effective and assignments and assessments through examples, practice, and feedback. Through the RA101 online course, I was able to improve my assignment prompts to increase student engagement and performance
  • Jacqui Grallo, Library faculty
    • I found the RA 101 course to be practical and engaging, and highly relevant to my work with students here at CSUMB. Since taking the course I've found lots of opportunities to apply the RA framework in my instruction in the classroom and at the research help desk.

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