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Assessment reports

CSUMB's Undergraduate Learning Outcomes (ULOs) state the knowledge, skills, and abilities that CSUMB faculty help undergraduate students acquire and demonstrate upon graduation. The ULO Coordinators and Scholars conduct annual assessments designed to help faculty better facilitate student learning and achievement of the ULOs.

2023 ULO assessment reports & other resources

  • ULO1 Written Communication - Summer 2023
  • ULO1 Oral Communication - Summer 2023 (Pending Winter Assessment)
  • ULO1 Critical Thinking - Summer 2023
  • ULO1 Information Literacy - Summer 2023
  • ULO1 Quantitative Reasoning - Summer 2023
  • ULO2 Personal, Professional, and Social Responsibility - Summer 2023
  • ULO3 Integrative Knowledge - Summer 2023

2022 ULO assessment reports & other resources

2021 ULO assessment reports & other resources

2019 ULO assessment reports & other resources

Program assessment reports

Program assessment reports are linked to each program's assessment site (CSUMB access only).

Accreditation reports

CSUMB's accreditation reports are posted on CSUMB's accreditation web page.