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Teaching Cooperatives - Fall 2023

Following is a schedule for Fall teaching cooperatives including Communities of Practice, Discussion Groups, and ULO Scholar meetings. Detailed descriptions are located at the end. We are adding meeting dates and times as soon as the information is available.

Communities of Practice - Fall 2023

Topic Facilitator(s) Schedule Location 
Reading Apprenticeship: Deepening Our Practice Nelson Graff & Rebecca Kersnar   



Empowering Equity in Teaching: A Community of Co-learners that Explores Best Practices in Education Equity (Lecturers only)* Yhashika Lee, George Station, Salina Lopez, Ibrahim Shelton    
Collaborative Online Intercultural Learning (COIL): Designing International Learning Experiences (DILE) SUNY COIL Training  Ondine Gage  



Inclusivity in the Classroom (Lecturers Only) Yhashika Lee, George Station, Salina Lopez, Ibrahim Shelton  



Transfer Student Support  Chrissy Hernandez   



Discussion Groups - Fall 2023

Topic Facilitator(s) Schedule Location

Jr. Tenure Track Faculty Support & Networking Co-op (Tenure-track faculty only) 

Jeff Corrigan, Liz Adair, Mary Anne Majadillas, Renee Penalver & Shaowen Hua




Reading and Writing in the Disciplines Nelson Graff and GWAR Instructors   



Building Community Through Dialogue Vanessa Lopez-Littleton, Vivian Waldrup-Patterson, Brian Corpening  



Mindfulness Practices for faculty and staff Carolynn Schaut    
Critical Digital Pedagogy Series George Station & special guests     
Sustainability Across the Curriculum Dan Fernandez  



Otter Support, Development, and Co-Working Co-Op Renee Penalver, Hojin Song, Shaowen Hua, and Rixing Lou

Faculty Writing Group  Nelson Graff  



Advising Student Clubs: Keys to Success Angel F. González    
Implementing Equity and Inclusion in STEM Courses Liz Alter  



Research Grants Doug Smith   



Faculty Well-being Christine Valdez    
Grading Programming & Related Assignments - NEW! Joshua Gross  



The Capstone Instructor Forum  Joel Ryman    
The Ethnic Studies Learning Community  María Villaseñor  



Equity in Assessment Reading Group Ondine Gage    


ULO Coordinators - Fall 2023

If you are interested in joining a ULO Scholar group, please contact TLA Director: Vivian Waldrup-Patterson at vwaldrup-patterson@csumb.edu. 

ULO Topic Facilitator(s) Schedule Location
ULO1-Oral Communication (GE A1)  Lee Ritscher    
ULO1-Written Communication (GE A2) Nelson Graff    
ULO1-Critical Thinking (GE A3) Swarup Wood    
ULO1-Information Literacy Sarah Dahlen    
ULO1-Quantitative Reasoning Jennifer Clinkenbeard    
ULO2-Personal, Professional, and Social Responsibility Eric Martin    
ULO3-Integrative Knowledge Amanda Pullum    

ULO Coordinator Topic Descriptions - Fall 2023

ULO Topic Description
ULO1-Oral Communication (GE A1)

We are interested in learning about students verbally and textually ascribing information to outside sources - a requirement in HCOM 110 and an expectation in other courses. To complete this work we need more scholars.

ULO1-Written Communication (GE A2)

We are working on interpreting the results from last summer's assessment, piloting the revised rubric, and planning the summer assessment.

ULO1-Critical Thinking (GE A3)

This year the group is working to raise the visibility of critical thinking across campus. We've designed several posters that we'll put around campus over spring break. The posters are attempts to get students to visit our website via a QR code on the posters. In a second project, critical thinking has now been incorporated into all Area B courses. We're getting ready for our summer assessment, which will come primarily from Area B courses.

ULO1-Information Literacy

Join us as we continue to investigate how students use information from sources in their assignments and consider the implications for our teaching practices. This spring, we will gather student perspectives on their own information literacy behaviors and plan our summer assessment of student work. We will also support each other with classroom practices and generate ideas for incorporating information literacy into our instruction.

ULO1-Quantitative Reasoning We are finalizing the rubric revision and faculty guide. These will be ready to post on the TLA website and share by the end of the semester. We are also connecting our work with these assessment materials to our planned summer assessment project.

ULO2-Personal, Professional, and Social Responsibility

Creating ULO2 assessment manual.

ULO3-Integrative Knowledge

We are working on a metacognitive activity book that will be distributed to students, and considering how to publicize/promote it to faculty. We are also planning a longitudinal two-year assessment of FTF/transfer student IK skills.