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ULO Scholars Program

Assessment is only as good as the conversations it generates.

From the Academic Senate Assessment Committee

Call for 2024 ULO Scholars

All faculty (part-time and full-time lecturers and tenure line) are invited to support student achievement of CSUMB’s Undergraduate Learning Outcomes (ULOs) by applying to be a ULO Scholar and contributing to one or more of the funded projects described below.

Each project will consist of two parts.

  1. A spring 2024 cooperative (meets for 1 - 2 hours approximately 6 times over the semester).
  2. A work group that will study student work to inform assignment design, pedagogy, and professional development (meets for 2 - 3 consecutive days in summer, fall, or winter/spring).

Meeting dates and times will be determined by the facilitators and ULO Scholars.

Faculty can apply to either or both activities and faculty can apply and participate in more than one project.

ULO Scholars will receive $300 for participating in the the spring teaching cooperative and $300/day for participating in the study of student work.

Background information

2024 ULO projects & descriptions

Up to 6 faculty members will be accepted per project.