Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Assignment Design Workshop

Designing assignments for better student work

Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Business and Information Technology (BIT) building, room 112

Designing assessments that result in better student work.

Conversations with faculty and assessments of student work--in the areas of critical thinking, information literacy, quantitative reasoning, and writing--have all revealed important connections between how we write our assignments and the kinds of work students produce. Though we may have different ideas about the products students should create, students often produce bad work because they have followed--according to their own logic--the guidelines with which we have prompted them.

In order to support student learning and improve the faculty experience of grading, we invite your participation in a workshop focused on improving assignments. Ideally, participants will send us assignments that have particular importance in your classes and/or disciplines, and we will develop the workshop based on the assignments we receive. You need not send an assignment to attend, but the more assignments we receive, the more we can tailor the workshop to the needs of those attending.

Workshop Facilitators

Nelson Graff, Communication Across the Discipline Director

Swarup Wood, Critical Thinking Assessment Coordinator

Sarah Dahlen, Information Literacy Assessment Coordinator

Judith Canner, Quantitative Reasoning Assessment Coordinator

Ondine Gage-Serio, Written Communication Assessment Coordinator

Shar Gregg, Oral Communication Assessment Coordinator