College of Health Sciences and Human Services

Department of Social Work

End of Semester Poster Presentations: Capstone Projects

MSW student Elan Cohen with his poster presentation.

Our next graduating class wrapped up their evidence based practice research projects this December (SW600). Most students engaged in a systematic review of the intervention research literature. Project highlights included Elan Cohen’s poster entitled: “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis and Cognitive Enhancement Therapy: A Systematic Review”. Also Andrés Rodriguez Torres presented “Latinos with Substance Abuse, Evidence Based Practices: A Thematic Analysis”. There was a diversity of topics, such as Nayelli Julian’s exploration of strengthening the use of foreign language interpreters in the child welfare setting. Others looked at food insecurity on campus, family group conferencing as an intervention, and the use of arts and eco-therapy with combat veterans. These are just a few examples of some truly excellent work focused on evidence based practice.

Policy analysis was also an option and some students focused on topics such as Neddie Sarmiento’s research on cyberbullying and the policies and programs available in three countries, including Sri Lanka where there is some interesting work taking place. Also, Sintia Melgoza-Garcia looked at home visiting programs for early childhood, including the United Kingdom and Peru in her analysis. And, Lisa Hartley looked at programs and services for individuals with Autism in India, Canada and the USA. Dr. Brian Simmons, one of the judges for the poster presentations, declared this to be the “best capstone year” thus far and community advisory group member Jesse Hererra, LCSW was also enthusiastic about the quality of presentations. Congratulations students and course lecturer Melinda Wolf, LCSW for a job well done! Your student guidance and support in this process was invaluable.

Lecturers Christopher Burkett and Melinda Wolf listen to an oral defense presented by MSW student Lauren Stroud entitled “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs. Multisystemic Therapy in the Treatment of Juveniles who Sexually Offend”.
Policy analysis posters focused on (1) refugees and health care and (2) engaging men and boys in preventing intimate partner violence in three countries. Photographed are Karina Smyth and Kelsey Gibbs.