College of Science

Department of Science Illustration

Illustration of a diplocaulus.

Illustration by Phillip Krzeminski


Fees & expenses

Science Illustration is a 52-unit program. The cost per unit is $600. Tuition payment is paid by term.

The cost breakdown is an estimated fee structure to complete the program:

Description ItemCost
Tuition ($600 x 52 units)  $31,200
Estimated Materials & Supplies $5,425
Estimated Housing for 10 months $10,000-$16,000

California State University makes every effort to keep student costs affordable. Fees listed in published schedules or student accounts may need to be increased when funding is inadequate or unavailable.

Illustration of an emerald ash borer

Ililustration by Nick Bezio


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Financial aid

If eligible, federal financial aid loans are available up to $20,500 per academic year. More information regarding financial aid can be found on the Student Services page on the CSUMB Extended Education website. You are welcome to secure private loans to cover the additional amount of tuition, course supplies/materials/books, and additional living expenses. We are not at liberty to suggest lenders.

Gainful employment disclosure

Gainful Employment only provides information about the few students who receive financial aid while working on the certificate and is not reflective of all students post-graduation. For more information about post-graduation employment opportunities and alumni success stories, please refer to our FAQs.