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About S3 Scholars

S3 Scholars are students who are members of the S3 Program. Our S3 Scholars currently consist of freshmen and sophomores who participate in services such as chemistry and math tutoring, peer mentoring, social events, growth mindset workshops, progress reports, and more. If you are interested in becoming an S3 Scholar, please fill out the S3 Scholar Application below.

S3-Supported Majors

S3 primarily supports students in the following majors:

However, S3 tutoring and S3 events are offered to all students.

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S3 Scholar Application

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Common Questions

What are the requirements of being an S3 Scholar?

To be an S3 Scholar, we recommend that you are a Biology (BIO), Environmental Science, Technology & Policy (ESTP), Environmental Studies (ENSTU) Marine Science (MSCI), or an Agricultural Plant and Soil Sciences major. For additional requirements, please refer to the S3 Agreement in the Forms section under Resources & Events.

What benefits will I receive as an S3 Scholar?

S3 Scholars receive the following benefits:

  • Tutoring and Peer Mentoring Services
  • Personal and Professional Development Opportunities
  • Community-Building and Social Events

If you have any questions about joining S3, advising, financial aid, or anything else, please email