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CSUMB prides itself on establishing collaborative and valued partnerships with our vendors. The University has chosen to partner with a vendor who values and respects collaborative partnerships in order to provide the best service and multiple options for our campus community. Chartwells, is the contracted food vendor for all CSUMB’S campus food service. Chartwells is available to assist you with your on-campus catering needs no matter the size of your event. 

CSUMB Food Policy Statement and FAQs

CSUMB is required to meet the regulations set forth in the California Health and Safety Code which governs the sale and/or service of food to the public. All food sales on-campus must be conducted per this code. Chartwells assists us in remaining compliant and keeping our community members safe.

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Catering Exemption Request Guidelines

If Chartwells cannot meet your catering needs, food served on-campus must be approved through the Catering Exception Request process. If your on-campus event is open to the public and you are serving or selling food not provided by a campus food service, you need to request authorization at least 10 business days in advance for small events and 30 business days in advance for events of 100 people or more.

  1. This is a one-time request, not a blanket request;
  2. You must contact Chartwells, first, and request catering service first prior to submitting your exemption;
  3. It is highly recommended and strongly encouraged to not procure food or beverages for your event prior to receiving approval from Chartwells to do so. Chartwells contract allows them the first right of refusal to outside food and beverage sources, so they are not obligated to approve the items in which you may have already purchased for your event;
  4. f your catering notice does not meet the required deadlines consider changing the meeting date;
  5. Departments will be held accountable for abusive actions to the Catering Exemption Request Process. 

What is the process for a catering exception?

You are required to contact Chartwells first, prior to submitting the Catering Exemption Request (CER) form. Note: This is question one on the form.

Once you have submitted your CER, the Director of Events and Contracted Services (Corporation) will review the CER in collaboration with the Chartwells.  You will receive email notifications by both Chartwells and the Corporation (separately) if they approve or deny their portions. Note: Your CER has not been fully approved at this time. 

If denied, you will not be able to move forward with procuring outside food or beverages, as Chartwells and/or the Corporation would have offered alternative options/suggestions/recommendations for food/beverages for your event.

If approved, your CER will then be forwarded to Risk Management for review, food service recommendations, and final approval of your CER. Note: it is possible that your CER could still be denied at this stage.

The final email approval/denial will be sent from the Risk Management ( email to: the event submitter, the person organizing the event, MPP/supervisor responsible for the event, Chartwells, and the Corporation.  You will be requested to forward the email approval to those responsible for managing the event space you have reserved if they are not listed on the email approval. 

Please read:

Responses will be communicated via email within 3 days of submitting the form.

The campus does not support single-use plastic bottles: CSU Single-Use Plastics: 5235.00  

Catering Exception Request Form


Safety Guidelines for Temporary Sale or Service of Food

Safety Guidelines for Outdoor Food and Vendor Booths

California Retail Food Code

For events that include alcohol, please visit the Campus Alcohol Policy and associated Alcohol Approval Form. This process is separate from the Food Safety and Service process. The form needs to be submitted to the