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Risk Management

Releases of Liability

Releases must be stored for at least three years after an activity ends. Documents signed by a parent or guardian on behalf of a minor must be retained for at least three years after an activity ends or until the minor turns twenty, whichever is longer. Departments or units who sponsor an activity requiring a release should store the release by activity date in alphabetical order by participant name. Doing so greatly expedites retrieval if a release is needed for a legal proceeding. If space becomes a problem, releases can be microfilmed or stored electronically in lieu of the signed original.

You must also have a Release of Liability/Waiver Release (DOC) for each participant; to be carried with the MPP/Supervisor on the date of the event.

Types of Releases:

*CIN ARTS: You are also required to submit a Certificate of Insurance (Col) - Course Based Form and a Site and Activities Assessment (SARA) Form


For additional forms, visit our EHSRM Documents and Forms page

Executive Order 1031, Systemwide Records/Information Retention and Disposition Schedules Implementation, addresses the campuses responsibility to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements while requiring implementation of appropriate operational best practices.