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Youth Protection/Minors on Campus

The California State University (CSU) campuses have a wide range of activities including camps, clinics, workshops, recitals, tournaments, conferences and competitions all of which have persons under the age of 18 as the majority of participants or attendees. The CSU strives to offer safe and enjoyable educational environments for youth.  In support of that goal, the CSU is committed to protecting youth who participate in CSU organized programs. The CSU has zero tolerance for the abuse or mistreatment of youth.  

Purpose and Scope 

The purpose of our Policy, guidelines, and our Youth Protection Procedures Manual with support documents is to establish standards and protocols for the safety and protection of youth, to guide staff and volunteer conduct, and facilitate the identification of high risk interactions and program characteristics.  These processes and  guidelines apply to all of CSUMB, our Auxiliaries, faculty, staff, student’s, trainees, and volunteers as “campus community” activities as well as activities sponsored by outside groups and third parties which take place on our various campus properties.  These processes and guidelines are to include campus sponsored activities that may also take place off campus property grounds. 


The CSU and CSUMB have partnered with Praesidium to conduct a review and risk assessment of CSU Monterey Bay’s youth programs and to collaborate with department stakeholders to assist with the protection of minors. In addition to Praesidium’s work with the CSU’s system over the last several years, they have worked with public and private higher education institutions and other youth-serving organizations across the nation for over 25 years to help prevent sexual abuse of youth, and to prevent false allegations of abuse.  

In addition, EHSRM has been tasked with the development, facilitation, and the oversight of the Youth Protection Policy with guidance from staff who have received certification in the Praesidium Guardian program and that staff serves as our campus Youth Protection Officer. 

Lastly, this partnership provides the CSU and CSUMB with valuable resources such as the required SumTotal training, informative flyers, kids consent (video), along with invaluable guidance, and on-going support and Guardian training. 


Mandated Reporter

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect Policy: EO 1083


Procedures Manual 

Youth Protection Procedures Manual

For Youth Protection forms, visit our EHSRM Documents and Forms page under Youth Protection 


For assistance with the Youth Protection policy and process, please contact: Jennifer Geertsen: risk@csumb.edu