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Certificates of Insurance (CoI)

The University may provide Certificates of Insurance (CoI), evidence of self-insurance, or endorsements demonstrating coverage or providing additional coverage as required in contracts administered through Contracts and Procurement Services. Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (EHSRM) shall be responsible for the acquisition and distribution of certificates of coverage. 

Certificates of Insurance (CoI)

Helpful hints:

All government entities to include but not limited to cities, towns, townships, public/state parks, correctional facilities, streets/sidewalks, etc. 99.999% of the time will require “Additional Insured” which means you will be required to have a contract with them. Please contact Business Support Services to assist you with that contract.

  • Certificate Holder Information: Please ensure that you have the correct information. Do not assume that the holder information is the event location address or the contacts address. ASK your contact for the correct address and ask for a SAMPLE CoI. Most business have one.
  • For Capstone Projects:  You may need more than ONE CoI form depending upon how many locations you film. Each location will need their own CoI form.
  • Program Details: You are required to fill in the location address, date(s) and time(s) you will be at the location. Please also include any insurance specifications.
  • For Capstone Projects: Location address, exact film location(s) on the property, date(s) and time(s). Please also include any insurance specifications.
  • All sections of the CoI form must be filled out, please contact if you have questions about the form.