Mentors and Projects

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For inquiries about mentors and their projects, please look over the mentor's webpages (linked to their names). If you still have questions, please email us at Please do not contact the mentors directly. Students who contact mentors may be removed from consideration for the REU.

Each year we highlight a selection of mentors across our six research partners. See below for the 2018 mentor and project list, which highlight the types of research available to students in our program.

California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB)

Mentors Research Theme
Dr. Eric Crandall Evolutionary, Molecular and Marine Biology
Dr. Corey Garza Marine Landscape Ecology
Dr. Rikk Kvitek Marine Ecology and Seafloor Mapping

Dr. James Lindholm Fish Ecology
Dr. Cheryl Logan Marine Physiology
Dr. Steve Moore Marine Biology and Ocean Robotics
Dr. John Goeltz Ocean Chemistry
Dr. Nathaniel Jue Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics

Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve (ESNERR)

Mentors Research Theme
Dr. Kerstin Wasson Estuarine Conservation Biology
Susie Fork Environmental Indicator Development
John Haskins Water Quality Science
Dr. Rikke Jeppesen Estuarine Ecology, Invasive Species, Marsh Restoration

Hopkins Marine Station (HMS)

Mentors  Research Themes
Dr. Giulio DeLeo Marine Population Dynamics
Dr. Mark Denny Marine Biomechanics
Dr. William Gilly Marine Developmental Biology
Dr. Jeremy Goldbogen Physiological Ecology and Evolution of Marine Organisms
Dr. Chris Lowe Developmental Biology
Dr. Fiorenza Micheli Population Biology
Dr. Steve Palumbi Molecular Ecology

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)

Mentors  Research Themes
Dr. James Barry Biology and Ecology of Marine Benthic Communities
Dr. Peter Brewer Ocean Chemistry, Laser Raman Spectroscopy
Dr. Francisco Chavez Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, Hypoxia, El Niño, Observational Genomics
Danielle Cline and John Ryan Passive Acoustic Monitoring
Dr. Andrea Fassbender
Marine Biogeochemical Cycling
Dr. Steve Haddock Bioluminescence and Jellies
Dr. Kakani Katija Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
Dr. George Matsumoto Deep-sea Ecology
Dr. Mike McCann Big Ocean Data Analytics and Software Engineering
Dr. Ken Smith and Dr. Chrissy Huffard Climate Change and Deep-sea Community Stucture

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML)

Mentors  Research Themes
Dr. Ivano Aiello Marine Geology
Dr. Tom Connolly Physical Oceanography
Dr. Colleen Durkin Biological Oceanography
Dr. Dave Ebert Shark Biology and Ecology
Dr. Michael Graham Algal Ecology
Dr. Scott Hamilton Fish Ecology
Dr. Gitte McDonald Marine Mammal and Seabird Ecology, Polar Science
Dr. Kim Null Biological Oceanography and Nutrient Chemistry
Dr. Jason Smith Eco-Physiology
Dr. Diana Steller Macroalgal Ecology
Dr. Nick Welschmeyer Biological Oceanography

Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)

Mentors  Research Themes Projects
Dr. Haflidi Jonsson
Marine Meteorology, Marine Boundary Layers, Airplane Based Weather Measurements
Dr. Jamie MacMahan
Oceanography, Surf Zone and Inner Shelf Processes
Dr. Wendell Nuss Coastal and Marine Meteorology
Dr. Jeff Paduan Physical Oceanography