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Katie Grobman

I’ve taught mathematics to underprivileged elementary and middle school students, physics at an all-girls high school, philosophy in college, and psychology to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. I have taught a diverse range of college psychology classes including intro, social, developmental, and cognitive, and I've taught special topics in education, infancy, and creativity. In my lab we study deep conceptual change through struggle - our creativity, moments of insight, struggle with morality, and the power of teaching and parenting to transform our lives. I volunteer to help others and focus on feeling gratitude; my largest volunteer role is co-director of our county science fair.

Title:  Associate Professor of Developmental, Cognitive, & Social Psychology
Office Location Heron Hall 18-180
Office Hours By Appointment
Areas of Expertise

Creativity; Inquiry Learning; Personality; Parenting; Epistemology; Emotion; Moral Psychology

Courses Taught

Introductory Psychology; Social Psychology

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