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Department of Psychology

Jennifer Dyer-Seymour

Jennifer Dyer-Seymour

Jennifer Dyer-Seymour is a teacher and scholar whose work examines how students, from kindergartners to college students, perceive themselves as learners, and on how the students are perceived by others, such as teachers and community members. She collaborates with undergraduate researchers to conduct research and share the results.

Title: Professor of Psychology
Office Location Heron Hall 18-150
Office Hours Drop-in on Wednesdays, 2-4 pm
Areas of Expertise

College students' learning and transitions to graduate school and the workplace;
Kindergarten readiness in Monterey County; Children's books; Theory of mind
in young children

Courses Taught

PSY 100 Introductory Psychology 
PSY 200/L Introduction to Research Methods and Data Analysis with Lab 
PSY 300 Career Preparation for Psychology Majors
PSY 340 Developmental Psychology
PSY 347 Social and Emotional Development
PSY 400 Capstone in Psychology

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