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Zurine DeMiguel wearing scarf

Zurine De Miguel

I am a behavioral neuroscientist in my lab and in my classes. This is someone who studies the biology of the brain and relates it with the study of behavior and cognition. Merging my life’s passion with my academic studies has lead to the development of new lines of research and an stimulating teaching environment. Currently we are working on investigating the effects of hypoxia on the brain and brain's function of marine species from the Monterey Bay coast. This work can help us understand the effects of oxygen deprivation on fish ecology and set up the foundation to better understand the effects of hypoxia on the brain, including human brain. It often takes perseverance to find the right ways to study one's passion but the work can lead to new opportunities. We, me and many of my students, are thinking long-term and developing creative strategies for developing a new path. I share this effort with everyone, as good modeling is a wonderful teaching tool.

Title:  Associate Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience
Office Location Heron Hall 18-148
Office Hours Please contact me via email.
Areas of Expertise

Cognitive, Behavioral and Molecular Neuroscience

Courses Taught

Biological Psychology

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