Use of Library Computers

Appropriate access and use

The CSUMB Library and campus Information Technology make computing resources available on a first-come, first-served basis to the faculty, staff, and student members of the University community. Public access computers are also available in the Reference Area for access to the library's electronic collections by the general public.

The first priority for library computer usage is to provide access to information resources that support the learning, scholarship, and research of its students and faculty.

Second priority is the support of other types of use that either directly or indirectly support the educational, research and service missions of the University. Reasonable and limited personal communication falls within this category.

Third and lowest priority is given to recreational use by individuals affiliated with CSUMB, including generalized use of the Internet insofar as such use is of an incidental nature and does not place a burdensome load on resources.

Commercial use is strictly forbidden.

In order to steward library computing resources for the University community, users are expected to abide by the Library Conduct Policy. Library staff may ask for verification of enrollment or employment at any time to enforce appropriate use and maintain availability for the campus


The University supports the right to freedom of thought, inquiry, and expression. With regard to library use of computers, the CSUMB Library adheres to the American Library Association's published Library Bill of Rights.

The library has no control over the information accessible on the Internet. Library workstations are not provided with "filtering" software that limits access to information. Library users access the Internet at their discretion. Parents or guardians, and not the library or its staff, are responsible for the Internet information accessed by their children.