All patrons are responsible for materials charged out on their CSUMB OtterCard, which also serves as your library card. All cards are non-transferable. If you lend your card or charge items on your card for another person, and the item(s) are late, lost, or damaged you are liable for all charges. If your CSUMB OtterCard is lost or stolen you should have it replaced at the Campus Service Center.

  • Fees accumulate only on days when the library is open and are due when incurred.
  • Items borrowed are due back to the library by closing time on the due date.
  • Items are to be returned to the Library Circulation Desk when the library is open, or the after-hours book return when the library is closed.
  • A current or permanent address is required. Borrowers are responsible for reporting any address changes.
  • The library is not responsible for undelivered mail.
  • The library is not responsible for items improperly returned after the given due or recall date.
  • Not receiving, reading an overdue notice, or being out of the area is not reason for waiving overdue fees.
  • If library materials are not returned within six (6) weeks of the due date a non-refundable billing/processing fee is assessed in addition to the cost of replacing the item.
  • Replacement charges may be refunded when overdue items are returned no later than six (6) months after due date.
  • After six (6) months all charges are final.
  • Library borrowing privileges may be suspended and university records held when fees are owed and materials are overdue.
  • Overdue fees are paid at the Student Services Building 47, cashier's window during regular business hours

Overdue, recall and replacement fees

  • Lost items are assessed a $20 non refundable processing fee per item in addition to the replacement cost.
  • Overdue Course Reserves materials are assessed at $.50 per hour for two hour items, $5 per day for two hour, one and three day items, not to exceed $50 per item.
  • Lost Special Reserve materials are assessed at $20 per item in addition to the cost of replacement.
  • Overdue DVDs are assessed at $5 per day, not to exceed $50 per item.
  • Requested (Recalled/Hold) overdue materials are assessed at $5 per day, not to exceed $50 per item.

Replacement costs for library materials vary, depending upon material type. Overdue materials not listed above may require special processing, and may be subject to fees at the discretion of the Library.

This policy is subject to change