Course Guides

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BIO : Biology

BIO300: Issues and Ethics in Biology

BIO412: Genomics

BIO461: Eukaryotic Molecular Biology

BUS : Business

BUS 300S: Applied Ethics in Social Action

BUS 304: Business Communication, Proseminar & Critical Thinking

BUS 305: Principles of Management

BUS 306: Fundamentals of Marketing

BUS 310: Entrepreneurship

CAD: Communication Across the Disciplines

CAD100A: Oral and Written Communication Semester 1

CAD 101A: Reading and Writing 1 (Finch)

CART : Cinematic Arts & Technology

CART303: Media, Power and Society

ENSTU : Environmental Studies

ENSTU300: Critical Thinking and Communication in Environmental Studies

ENVS : Environmental Science, Technology & Policy

ENVS201: Introduction to Environmental Science

ENVS300/500: Critical Thinking and Communication in Environmental Science and Policy

GS: Global Studies

GS300: Major Proseminar

HCOM : Humanities and Communication

HCOM300: Major Proseminar

HCOM312: Deliberation and Advocacy

HCOM475: Senior Capstone Seminar

KIN : Kinesiology

KIN355: Ethics in Physical Activity & Health

LS : Liberal Studies

LS400: Senior Capstone

MPA : Music & Performing Arts

MPA300: Major Proseminar

MSCI : Marine Science

MSCI300: Marine Science, Communication and Policy

PH: Public Health

PH417: Global Women's Health and Social Issues

SBS : Social & Behavioral Sciences

SBS385: Environmental History of California

STAT: Statistics

STAT410: Generalized Linear Models

WLC : World Languages & Cultures

WLC300/400: Major Proseminar & Capstone