Library Conduct Policy

The library strives to provide for its users

  • Equitable access to library materials
  • Journals, documents and books that are complete and undamaged
  • A safe library environment suitable for reading, study, research and active learning

Library users can support these goals by

  • Making responsible use of the library collection with library privileges before removing them from the building, and renewing or returning them when due
  • Ensuring that others in the campus community have access to needed materials by returning them on time when recalled by library staff
  • Refraining from marking up or damaging books from the library collection
  • Using care when bringing food or drink into the library so as not to cause damage to books, computers or furnishings
  • Recognizing that the computers in the library are a shared resource to which other students may also need access when demand is high
  • Using a courteous and respectful manner when interacting with other library users or library staff
  • Being aware of one's impacts on other library users and mitigating them by making use of group study rooms when discussion/conversation is called for, while keeping noise levels and intrusions to a minimum in designated quiet areas
  • Keeping corridors aisles clear by parking bicycles in the racks provided outside the building and stowing skateboards, scooters, etc., where they are not obstacles to passage
  • Vacating the building in a timely manner at closing time or when requested to leave during emergency situations and drills
  • Obtaining permission from campus officials and/or library administration prior to filming, videotaping or taking photographs in the building