Library Instruction

Library Instruction

Research consultations for students & faculty

As schedules permit, Librarians are available for in-depth research consultations. To find out which librarian has expertise in your subject area, check the list of Librarian Subject Areas. Schedule an appointment by contacting the librarian directly.

Course-integrated instruction

CSUMB Librarians provide course-integrated instruction and faculty consultations regarding information literacy related course content such as research assignments. If you would like to request a librarian instruction session or consultation, please contact the librarian specialist for your academic program. Please note that we request at least two weeks advance notice for scheduling in-class instruction.

CSUMB information literacy instructional resources

NEW! Instructors can recommend or require that students complete the Introduction to the CSUMB Library mini-course. This course is available via Canvas. It is stand-alone and self-paced, and at the end, students receive a certificate of completion that they can provide as evidence to their instructors that they've taken the course. It covers the basics of accessing the library's electronic collections and services, including using our Ask a Librarian service for help with using the library and conducting research. It takes about 35 minutes to complete.

CSUMB has a set of tutorials for area B and D GE courses that provide guidance and practical exercises on information literacy. Please click on the "Information Literacy Tutorials" link above to view the list of tutorials available.

The library also offers linked lists of information literacy-focused videos and activities created by various academic libraries that course instructors can use to help students learn library research skills. We also have a YouTube channel.

What is information literacy?

Briefly stated: Information Literacy includes the ability to:

  • Identify information needs;
  • Locate, critically evaluate, and synthesize information; and
  • Apply ethical and legal considerations in using information

Information literacy at CSUMB

The CSUMB instruction program is developed around the needs of our student population, the strong pluralism and interdisciplinary focus of our curriculum. In addition to providing classroom instruction, we are committed to delivering information literacy instruction. The instruction program emphasizes the preparation of students who will become engaged members of society--personally, professionally and as global citizens.

The information literacy curricula is an outcome-based program, and meet the needs of a diverse student population with differing modes of learning, and educational and cultural backgrounds.

The library seeks partnerships within the university community to provide students with practical experiences in information literacy. The library instruction program participates in campus faculty development activities and consistently involve the academic community in the formulation of information literacy goals and strategies. We will regularly assess our progress to insure an effective partnership with the academic community.

We recognize that educational pedagogy is a dynamic process and the library instruction program must be open to new ideas. The goal of the CSUMB instruction program is to enable our students to acquire lifelong learning skills and self-sufficiency in the varied ways in which they engage with information throughout their lives.

(Revised 2022)