College of Health Sciences and Human Services


Health & Wellness Minor

In the Health and Wellness minor, you study the breadth and depth of various dimensions covered in the field of wellness education. You'll learn about personal wellbeing and skill enhancement that can be implemented into any profession. If you want to live optimally and help the wellbeing and self-responsibility of others, this minor is for you.

Regardless of major, the Health and Wellness minor expands your base of knowledge and understanding of health and wellness topics and prepares you to evolve both personally and professionally.

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Human Movement Minor

The Human Movement: Adapted Physical Activity minor benefits students preparing for elementary school teaching, social work, child advocacy, mental health work, group-home work, the fitness profession, family counseling, coaching, outdoor education and other fields that impact special needs children and their families.

Your ability to understand why children learn and behave the way they do will stem from knowledge of the central nervous system, which provides a solid theoretical base. Coupled with a teaching credential, this minor will provide you the opportunity for rapid employment.

You will gain knowledge of the socio-historical perspectives of disability including strategies for social change, integration and inclusion, lifespan wellness, movement success and individual self-empowerment, as well as examine legislation and disability sport.

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