Reservation Days

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Reservation Days is the period in February to April where current students living on campus can reserve a space to live on campus for the next academic year. In February students that want to live on campus for the next year will need to fill out an application online as well as pay a Reservation Days deposit.

Reservation Days information for the 2019-20 academic year will be posted soon.

Below is a brief outline of last year's Reservation Days process. Our website is full of direct links to pay deposits, and we also encourage you to come to one of our Reservation Days Info Sessions to learn more about the process.

Complete Your Application

  • Fill out the application in MyHousing via your CSUMB dashboard
  • Pay a $100 Reservation Days deposit through your OASIS account
  • Complete your Application and pay your deposit no later than Monday, February 22 by 5pm

Pay Your $100 Reservation Days Deposit

Things to Note With The Application

  • The application uses logic so there is only one application for ALL housing areas
  • There is a housing area preference question and if you are eligible for East Campus (21 years of age or 90+ units) you will see East Campus as well as Main Campus as an option. If you are not eligible you will only see Main Campus
  • If you are currently living in East Campus and want to renew your same space for next year, things have changed, keep an eye out for an email explaining the new process or check back for more updated information on our website.

Selection Times

  • You will receive your selection time on March 6 if you completed the application and paid the Reservation Deposit before the February 22, 5pm deadline.
  • Your selection time is the time you will be able to go into the system and select from available rooms.
  • Selection times are assigned randomly through a lottery process.

Create Roommate Groups

  • Note that you will only be able to group with roommates that have the same Classification and Gender Inclusive Housing response as you
  • Roommate groups must be verified in the system by the February 22 Reservation Days deadline.
  • Whoever is the roommate group leader will be able to pull in their roommate group and assign their roommates’ spot.
  • It is recommend that the leader of the group be the one who has the earliest selection time.

Be Sure to Attend a Reservation Days Info Session

We will have several info sessions throughout the month of February to help walk you through the application process covering a variety of topics and we will have pro-staff on available to help walk you through the application process!

Key Points

  • You must complete the Reservation Days Application and pay a $100 Reservation Days Deposit by February 22 at 5pm in order to receive a selection time on March 5.
  • You are only able to create roommate groups who have the same Classification & Gender Inclusive Housing response as you
  • Roommate groups must be verified by March 13. Note: Housing eligibility and living preferences determine your selection day.

Anyone who did not complete a Reservation Days application by 5 pm on February 22, will be able to apply as a new student on March 1 at noon.

If you do not participate in Reservation Days, you will not have a space for the next academic year through the Reservation Days process and will need to apply as if you were a new student.

To have a complete Reservation Days application, you need to fill out the application via MyHousing and pay a $100 Reservation Deposit.

Things to note when completing the application

If you want to live on Main Campus

If you will be under 21 years of age or have less than 90 units before next Fall you have priority for Main Campus. An Application and $100 deposit are required.

If you want to live on East Campus

If you will be 21+ years of age or have more than 90 units (Senior status) before next Fall you have priority in East Campus. An Application and $100 deposit are required. If you are looking for roommates to fill your roommate group, attend our East Campus Roommate Mixer February 28 from 6-9pm!

If you want to live in a Living Learning Programs

If you are interested in an intentional living environment Project Deep Roots, Project Become More, Global Perspectives, or Project Leading Change. Be sure to mark it as a preference on your application.

How can I get more Information?

We offer a variety of ways to help you through the process of reserving a room for 2018-2019. We have info sessions where we will cover everything you will need to know, and we will walk you through the application process. Take a look around our website as you are more than likely to find your answer, or you can always contact our office.

Important dates

  • December 3 - Reservation Days Deposits Open.
  • February 1 - Application Opens
  • February 1 - Reservation Days Kick-Off Info Session in The Quad
  • February 5 - Reservation Days Gender Inclusive Housing Info Session
  • February 6 - Reservation Days Application Help Info Session
  • February 21 - Reservation Days Roommate Matching Info Session
  • February 22 - Reservation Days Application Help Info Session
  • February 22 - Applications and Deposits close at 5pm
  • February 28 - Area Council Open House
  • February 28 - East Campus Roommate Mixer
  • March 5 - Selection Times Announced
  • March 18-22 - Spring Break