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Sustainable Hospitality Management

Students gain hands-on knowledge and skills needed to pursue careers in hospitality management, with a focus on sustainability.
Dr. John Avella, Executive Director, Sustainable Hospitality Management Program
SHM Student as new guest services employee

Sustainable Hospitality Management B.S.

Admitted Otter Day Presentation on April 11th, 2020

The Sustainable Hospitality Management program participates in a No Cost, No Paper Course Material Initiative. Most course materials for HOSP courses are available to enrolled students free of charge through eBooks that can be accessed through the CSUMB library system.

Location, Location, Location...

CSUMB's campus is located in the heart of California's Monterey Peninsula – a premium destination where sustainability is a way of life.

This is the perfect backdrop to the central core of the BSSHM program, which is the concept of "sustainability plus": going beyond sustainability to address issues in terms of the five-dimensioned lens of People, Ethics, Equity, Planet and Profit. Students can focus in sustainable hotel, resort and event management or sustainable ecotourism management.

Join us for an Ecotourism Adventure in Costa Rica!