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Humanities and Communication

Kristopher Owens

Kristopher Owens graduated with a concentration in History, Oral History & New Media in 2012. Recently married to his fiancee, a 2007 SBS graduate of CSUMB, Kristopher worked for a while aiding challenged adults meet their personal goals so they can integrate into the community. Now, considering his future options, which might include a teaching credential, he is working for the oldest and largest FAFSA preparation company in America. As Kristopher describes his experience in HCOM this way: "In the DC comic universe the Green Lanterns are officers that are chosen for their ability to overcome great fear and given a power ring fueled by the strength of their willpower. This ring is the most powerful weapon in the universe. In my personal view having a degree in Humanities and Communication means I am now a Lantern, and I have been given the most powerful weapon in the world: an 'articulate voice.' "Not only do I find myself equipped to speak to many people of different cultures, but I am also equipped to listen to them as well. I am now empowered by HCOM, and my daily decisions are now ethical not emotional. I can remember times before transferring to CSUMB when I would argue with family and friends shouting all night to prove my point. HCOM means having the mindset to understand all angles and aspects of a conversation with the parties producing an ethical solution where everyone is the winner not just you."

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